Different Types of Water Heaters To Suit Your Requirement

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Hot water systems have become extremely important due to the harsh winters. If you already have one but are thinking of replacing the same or even want to opt for a new one, you need to go through the various options available in the market. they come  in a wide price range, which, in other words, can fit into your budget comfortably. Before you decide on a specific one, the first step is to review how much of hot water is required in your home on an everyday basis. As most of us are environment conscious these days, you need to look for the one which can help you save on energy and money both. Different types of systems operate in different manners and you can make a choice in accordance to your preference and requirement.
Hot Water System

Types of Hot Water Systems

Broadly, you have a choice between the Solar Water Heater, Gas Water Heater and the Electric Water Heater.

  • Solar Water Heater
The Solar water heater consists of a storage tank and panels known as solar collectors. The   tank needs to be large for the days when there is less of sunlight. You need to be sure of   installing the panels at the right location or else they might not be able to do their job in an   efficient manner. This can be a little costlier in the initial stages but surely makes up for the   money spent in the long run. The incentives and rebate offered by the Government can help   you save on to your money.

  • Heat Pump Water Heaters
These are ideal for homes as besides being used as water heaters, they can also be used for heating the home from inside. It is important to check with the council before you opt for these heaters. These work on the similar principle used for refrigeration that is, extracting the air from the surrounding and heating the same. You normally find that the compressor and tank are integrated but you have the choice of splitting them. Make sure the installation is done in an area which is well-ventilated, probably in outdoors, but since they tend to make a lot of noise, you need to think about your neighbors or seek permission from them. These systems have a booster element for the cold winter days.

  • Gas Water Heaters
If you are using natural gas then the same connection will do for these water heaters as well. As compared to electric heaters, they are more efficient where saving of energy is concerned. As these can be placed outdoors, they are good space savers also. These can be a little expensive to run as compared to other heaters. These systems have a rating for energy efficiency. If you opt for the one with a pilot light, less of gas is used. You can also think of   using this with LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) bottle though these might cost more in the long run.

  • Electric Water Heaters
These water heaters are the most commonly used in most houses. A tank heated by electricity works out to be expensive if you keep on running it throughout the day. You can think of systems which run on electricity off-peak as these can save on money but these require a large tank and also off-peak electricity is not available to all homes. You have the option of installing these both indoors and outdoors.

Knowing the different types of water heaters available it becomes easier to choose the one which works best for your home and also consider the factors like budget, energy efficiency and safety to get the best hot water system.

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