Types of Electricians and When They Are Needed

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Electricians are the people who specialize in the field of electrical repairs and installation. Though to an extent, all electricians work on the same base with regards to knowledge and basics; and  various specializations within the electrical trade make every electrician unique. These specializations can even be considered as separate professions with its license and expertise.

Read Through This Guide To Know More About Each Type of Electricians

  • Residential Electricians: These electricians help to install, maintain or upgrade the electrical system at houses and apartments. The standard job of a residential electrician is to install the electrical wiring and lighting system at home. Apart from this, residential electricians can also help to establish and maintain many wiring systems such as fire alarms system, security systems or energy management systems. Residential electricians can read residential blueprints, and will know the basic wiring methods. These are the people who should be given a call, when you want the installation of the electrical wiring to be done at your home for maintenance purposes.
  • Commercial Electricians: Commercial electricians are those who are specialized to work on commercial buildings and construction sites. They would usually work for electrical companies or private companies for various electrical projects. A commercial electrician would be able to install commercial security systems and electronic key systems. In order to get a commercial license, an electrician needs to work under a master electrician. Commercial electricians are specialized to install, maintain and repair various electrical systems such as transformers, generators, motors, voltage systems, surveillance systems, audio and video wiring systems. They can read commercial building blueprints and have the ability to work with general contractors for commercial projects. If you need electrical work done on commercial projects, then these types of electricians are the ones to help you with it.
  • Auto Electricians: As the name suggests, auto electricians are experts to work on motorized vehicles. They undergo various courses and programs to work in different types of automobiles. They are specialized to work with management systems and engine control of automobiles. They have the knowledge and skills to deal with automobile problems such as engine problems or computerized systems repair. Such electricians can either work directly with car manufacturers or open their own electrical repair shop for automobiles. You can use the expertise of these electricians for getting electrical work done on your automobile.
  • Maintenance Electricians: Maintenance electricians are those who maintain and repair electrical equipment used in large facilities. They would usually test, fix or repair devices in places owned by industrial plants, corporations, government facilities, schools or hospitals. They have to make sure that all electrical systems at these facilities are secure and in good working order. They are skilled in diagnosing a problem quickly and accurately. They can identify the solution and make necessary repairs as quick as possible. Their expertise also allows them to identify any potential problems while inspecting the equipment.
  • Master Electricians: These electricians are those who own their own contracting business or work as supervisors. They are highly trained electricians who can not only install, maintain or repair all electrical systems but are also competent in managing and supervising other electricians and apprentices on commercial and residential projects. To get their certificate as a master electrician, they need many years of experience in the electrical field and a degree in electrical engineering.
Electrical projects require skilled professionals to ensure safety and a well done job. Knowing different types of electricians will help you know whom to call in case of installation or emergency. Due to various specializations, it is easy and important to call an electrician expert and certified for a specific job you want to be done. The right electrician would save you a lot of time, money and worry in the long run.

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