Types of Aluminium Roller and Window Shutters for Your Home

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A roller shutter forms a protective layer on the door or building of a house and consist of several horizontal slats or bars hinged together. You can open or close this shutter by either manually raising or lowering it or by using a remote control in the case of automatic or motorized ones. Such a roller shutter performs numerous functions such as protection against extreme weather conditions, helps in ensuring privacy, protection against vandalism or theft, maintains insulation, and so on. For ensuring these functions, Aluminium shutters are a popular and preferred choice amongst people when choosing the quality material product owing to the material’s durability and strength as compared to its counterparts. Both interior, as well as, exterior aluminium shutters are a common sight in various houses and buildings.
Roller and Window Shutters
Roller and Window Shutters
Interior Shutters

Interior shutters consist of narrow units that are hinged together in accordion style wherein when closed, two or more units cover each side of a window opening. These shutters can further be operable or stationary. As the name suggests, while the slats or louvers of operable shutters can be adjusted using a rod to control airflow, light, and visibility, the stationary louvers are fixed and cannot be adjusted occasionally. The operable shutters are known as traditional shutters and are mostly found in the areas of the house marked by warmer climates. Aluminium shutters are a popular choice amongst people for the interiors owing to its insulation properties.

Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters are another common form of shutters that perform the function of providing security and protection from external elements, light control, security, and privacy. Like interior shutters, these are also available with the fixed or operable louvers that control rain, light, air transfer, privacy, and so on. Though, the non-functional shutters just play the role of enhancing the appearance of a house or a building.

Since exterior shutters are more exposed to the changing weather conditions, a sturdy and durable material is recommended for it. Since wood, teak, and mahogany are prone to rotting and twisting, the PVC requires additional hardware and curing for sustenance. Whereas, aluminium is a preferred choice owing to its strong properties.

Types of Aluminium Roller and Window Shutters You Can Install

  1. Built-in Roller shutter doors: The roller shutter box is built into the rafter above the window.
  2. Built-on Roller Shutter Doors: In this type, the roller shutter box is built-in or fixed to the exterior of the building’s front wall. 
  3. Roller shutter with tilting laths: This type of a roller shutter resembles an external venetian blind as laths that tilt, marks it.
  4. Integrated roller shutter: As the name suggests, an integrated roller shutter is integrated into the window in such a way, that it combines the window and a roller shutter as a single unit.
  5. Manual roller shutter: A manual roller shutter is operated manually through a universal joint in a room tracing the gear drive of the shutter. 
  6. Manual tape shutter: This is another variant of the manual roller shutter, wherein a tape drives around the roller’s flange runs through the building’s front and operated with the pulley guides on the room side. Such manual shutters are operated either by a cord or by a tape. It poses as highly cost-effective; it does not consume electricity to operate as compared to its electric counterpart. 
  7. Electric roller shutters: An electric roller shutter is similar to a normal shutter, the only difference being that this variant has a tubular motor fitted inside it. It operates through the motor, which helps in raising or lowering the shutter on the door or window. Automatic operation can also be added to this variant of a roller shutter.

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