Tips To Keep In Mind When Opting For Evaporative Cooling

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An evaporative cooler is like a box with a porous surface for letting the air pass through. There is a fan inside the box-shaped unit, which is used to pull air from outside from various sides of your home, thus facilitating evaporative cooling. This mechanism helps in getting cool air inside the house via the porous sides that has water-absorbing material. Water is stored in the device on the bottom of the pan along with a small pump that helps the water to come up to the surface for maximum cooling. The entire concept is to create more of dampness in the room without the dryness that most air conditioners result in. Here are some factors to consider before installing the same.
Evaporative Cooling
Evaporative Cooling

Does your climate support evaporative cooling?

One of the core factors to consider here includes whether the weather you stay in permits such cooling or not. For instance, if you are living in a place that is already very humid, you are getting natural evaporative cooling in the form of perspiration. As you are sweating and getting rid of internal heat via the same, you are working on this type of cooling the natural way! Similarly, this is precisely how your everyday cooler works too. It takes humidity and throws it in the air so that you are able to get rid of the dryness. But the same is effective only in the dryer or arid zones. In humid zones, evaporative cooling is not going to be very effective because the air is already too damp.

Air conditioner or evaporative cooler

On the other front, one aspect that you must not ignore is that this form of cooling comes with an array of other benefits too. One is that if you have small children at home or are prone to allergies, then you get purer and cleaner form of air with this cooling form. But air conditioners on the other hand, tend to suck out the moisture from the air and thus make it more difficult to breathe during colds and allergies. So do consider this aspect because a more humid environment helps the nose block and allergy to clear up much faster as compared to the ones that don’t.
Evaporative Cooler
Evaporative Cooler
However, you should remember that there are not only benefits associated with evaporative cooling. There are some minor cons too, which you must consider in case you are contemplating on buying one.
  • The first aspect is that your overall maintenance levels really go up. Unlike an air conditioner that needs filter cleaning once a month, the cleaning and maintenance of these evaporative coolers are much higher. But then again, they don’t require more than a few minutes every couple of days.
  • You will also not have much access to controlled temperatures across the house because there is no central unit here. So for bigger homes, this means inconsistency in the cooling effort across the entire house
  • The other issue that one may have with evaporative cooling is that the humid air may result the wooden furniture or even flooring to swell up. This also means more of creaky and noisy gates.
So on the whole, you should work out these aspects before considering or opting for evaporative cooling because it sure has a lot of pros as compared to the cons. And it could be just the cost-effective solution you sought for your home.

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