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The actual meaning of cantilever is hung over about gate openings. Such types of gates are supported by rails which usually run along fence structure present inside. Cantilever gates are much wider than sliding gates and are hanged across gates counterbalance without rollers on ground. Thus, it does not cause any obstructions onthe ground. It has become an ideal choice for industrial as well as heavy duty gates applications. No external bracing is required for suspending these gates on a construction site. Part of these gates never touches the ground directly or indirectly. It is desirable that gate frame should be constructed in such a way so that it can withstand wind pressure and gravity force. To avoid the condition of Sagging, diagonal bracing along with trusses are placed in the gate structure strategically.
Cantilever Gates
Cantilever Gates

Need for Cantilever Gates-

  • It does not require lateral space and slide along the construction fence. Designs of these gates are supported only from a single side and therefore it can be closed or opened easily. It widths can be extended up to 10 m.
  • These gates are ideal for gravel or uneven surfaces. Two rollers sets are usually attached to the strong concrete foundation for gliding such gates. Such arrangement makes the working of the gates easy, smooth as well as trust-worthy.
  • It can properly work on inclined or angles. There is no requirement for levelling the ground before its installation or usage.
  • Its movement is not affected by any weather conditions such as snow and even ice.
  • All properly designed, installed and fabricated gates have prolonged life with easy operation.
  • It can be installed faster and with no trouble. Ground track is not required when these gates are being installed at any construction as you can suspend it from concrete structure only.
  • Since there is no use of wheels in moving these gates in or out, these are perfect for commercial/ industrial properties as these are quieter when compared to the normal floor-road system.


  • These are mostly designed on order which exactly suits the projects needs.
  • You will find galvanized cable which is used for cross balancing entire gate span.
  • For protecting against entrapments there is a provision of gap protectors along with roller covers.
  • These gates are tested in harsh weather conditions so that it can bear the extreme load easily.
  • Self-aligning and lubricating balls are sealed properly.
Cantilever Gates in an Industry
Cantilever Gates in an Industry

Three Standard Types of Cantilever Gates-

  1. Box Frame Gates- these are most suitable for closing an enclosure up to sixty meters wide and offer maximum resistance against strong wind and gravity force. It mainly comprises of steel cabling and aluminum support substance also.
  2. Heavy Duty Gates- it provides incomparable rigidity along with stability in operation up to thirty meters of width. Here you will notice four wheels truck assemblies that are thoroughly tested furthermore designed for harsh weather conditions & extreme load.
  3. Structural Gates- Here you will find dual track system which accommodates an opening of a frothy meter wide. Its reliable operation is ensured by semi-enclosed aluminum tracks. It offers optimal security to commercial/ industrial properties.

Various Options Available-

Many options of cantilever gates which are designed for offering optimal security in an attractive finish are available in market. Aluminum alloy is being used for frames & pickets. For Decorative and ornamental designs in cantilever gates, you will get concave as well as convex configuration. These can even add aesthetic vision in everyone’s life.

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