Save Money with Cool Split System Air Conditioner

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You need to buy a split system air conditioner not just for saving on your electricity and energy bills, but also for reducing the external noise that can create any internal disturbance. These air conditioners are not just good for homes, but they can also cool large commercial complexes.

Split System Air Conditioner
  • Alternately you can install an air conditioning unit in your window. This is a single unit installed in the window for cooling, the downside being your window is now blocked, it is permanently closed.
  • Since that is not always the solution, a split system air conditioner can be installed on the wall. As the name suggests, a split system has two units – an outdoor unit and indoor unit. The outdoor unit contains the condenser, compressor and coil and the indoor unit, mounted on the wall inside the room contains cooling coil, fan and air filter. You don’t need to block a window for this purpose.

Advantages of split system air conditioner:

A split system air conditioner has the following advantages over a conventional window air conditioning system:
  • Doesn't take up window space, so you can open your window to let in the warm sunlight during winter months or to just let in some fresh breeze.
  • Noise making unit-the compressor and condenser are installed outside thus minimizing the noise in the room, leading them to a quieter performance.
  • It is more energy efficient and cost effective.
  • You can connect more than one indoor units to a single outdoor unit thus allowing for multi spot cooling.
  • Low energy loss as there are no ducts and the indoor and outdoor units are connected by a tube.

What is a multi-spot air conditioner?

A multi spot split system allows up to five indoor units to be connected to one outdoor unit with individual temperature control for each indoor unit. This allows greater customization while allowing for cooling of different rooms or different parts of a large hall or lobby. Here again no ducts are used minimizing loss of energy and making this energy efficient.

  • The initial cost of installation of split system air conditioner is high but the lesser energy bills due to lower consumption offset the high initial cost in the long run.
  • You can either buy a split system air conditioner from a showroom or can also order on line. Air conditioners are now available in various cooling capacities and varying degree of energy efficiency.
  • Whether it is a small room to be cooled or a large indoor area, split air conditioners are available in all sizes and capacities. You can choose from simple flat wall mounted indoor units to sleek and stylish units with solid colors guaranteed to enhance the décor of your house.

They are trendy and fashionable home-cooling accessories:

Split air conditioners have come a long way from being a simple necessity to cool the house to trendy and fashionable indoor units which can match your interiors.

Air conditioner is no longer a luxury as considered earlier, in fact it has become a necessity with small flats in high rises that are drenched in sunlight for most part of the day with no trees to provide the shade and cool wind. Therefore it is all the more easier and beneficial to install split system air conditioner  as the outdoor unit can also be wall mounted apart from the indoor unit. This saves your wall, floor space and the false ceilings are not destroyed. Moreover, you need to check about the energy consumption, repairing and servicing facilities, when you choose a split system air conditioner for a long usage.

A split air conditioner is a cost effective, noiseless and unobtrusive way to cool your home. Visit here and know more details about split system air conditioner.

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