Leak detection: How to Detect Leaks

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It is true that the modern world is a very nice place to live in with all state of the art appliances and devices. But amidst all the goodness, there are man-made disasters just waiting to happen which makes leak detection something that you should know about. Gas leak detection should only be done by professionals, as they can lead to major accidents, if not treated on time.

  • The use of infrared thermography can lead to accurate leak detection within a short time.
  • The performance level of infrared thermographs is more advanced, and hence it can do leak detection faster and in a more steadfast manner.
  • It is a fast and safe process that is non-invasive, and that can save the environment.
leak detection
Gas Leak detection

Cause for gas leaks

  • The piping systems: one of the foremost reasons in any household or factory for gas leaks is faulty piping systems and designs. While leak detection services work, hey find that most of our appliances which use gas are connected by criss-crossing pipes which can at anytime cause a break in them. Moreover, if you have a relatively older house, then the pipes dedicated for cooking gas might break or crack or the seal on it might come off due to wear and tear which can lead to leaking of gas.
  • The appliances: household appliances that are to be used everyday can also be a major reason for gas leaks. A number of appliances use gas including the likes of stove, fireplace, water heater, etc and over the years, the seal on them are subjected to corrosion. This is why they eventually start leaking harmful gases which is both unhealthy and dangerous and only a certified leak detection agency can find out the problem and solve the matter.
  • Unplanned ventilation: it is advisable that you should plan your ventilation system very carefully so as to make sure that the movement of air is maintained properly. It is often seen that carbon dioxide leaks from the exhaust fan which can spell disaster for you and the reason for such an occurrence here is unplanned and poor ventilation system. So try to install gas leak detection instruments here to avert any unforeseen events.
leak detection
Gas Leak Detect

Effects of gas leaks

  • Vegetation: gas leaks can be disastrous for your house especially your lawns as continued exposure to it will lead to the death of the grasses that are growing in your lawn as well as any trees that surround your house.
  • Animals: they are the ones who are more sensitive to it and any gas leak can have deadly effect on your pets which can lead to their death.
  • Humans: The picture of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy is still fresh in our head even after 30 years. It is seen that prolonged exposure to gas leaks can bring respiratory diseases like asthma into your life.
How to detect gas leaks?

The smell: the nature method of gas leak detection can be done from the smell of it. You will observe that they have a distinct musty and pungent smell which is pretty strong and something that you cannot miss. So always look out for such smells around your gas connection or old appliances to stay vigilant.

Check your appliances: if you see that soot is developing around your gas or appliances then it is time for you to look out for gas leaks and repair such leakage as soon as possible. Similarly, if there are some scorched areas which have a black or brown color developing around the products that use gas, then it is time to call up your people to curb the gas leak.

When compared to the traditional leak detection methods, the infrared thermography is more efficient and cost-effective. 

Do you want know more? Let’s go through this link to get more significant methods for pipe leak detection.

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