What Are The Needs And Benefits Of Socks For Practicing Yoga?

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Yoga is one popular art practice for keeping the body and mind healthy and relaxed. The people who practice yoga daily require outfits that can make them comfortable. Yoga socks are footwear designed specifically for people who do yoga. Yoga is done on floor or on mats and these socks is designed to provide grip while doing yoga. As there are several styles of yoga, wearing some kind of footwear allows you improve posture and balance without putting much pressure on soles. Wearing the socks of the right sizes is important as this enhances proper limb alignment and prevents any future injuries too.

Socks For Practicing Yoga
Socks For Practicing Yoga

Types of socks for yoga

There different types of yoga socks available in the market. The socks differ in size, style and material out of which it is made.

  • Some socks are ankle length while others extend up to calf.
  • Socks may have toe section either enclosed or hanging like gloves. There are socks for separate sections for the fingers called the five-toe design. Many have designs where socks aloe part of foot and toes or heels exposed to move freely.
  • The common material for such socks is cotton. You can find products made out of bamboo. They could be natural or blended or synthetic.

Benefits of socks for Yoga

As it is not possible to do yoga wearing any shoes or sandals, wearing socks protects your feet, gives grip and supports the feet.  The advantages of wearing yoga socks are mentioned below:

  • Grip
The one main reason behind wearing socks while doing yoga is that it has gripping abilities. Yoga involves a lot of stretching and moving the body. One must have the ability of right balance and posture to do the steps properly. With uneven surface or sweaty feet, balancing is quite difficult. Yoga Socks have no slip feature which provides grip and reduces the chances of falling down and getting injured.

  • Foot utilization
These kinds of socks are also known as yoga toe socks as they keep the toes free to move while doing yoga. When the toes remain separate, they can be aligned properly which allows the body weight to distribute evenly. This makes the entire foot to be used while doing any exercise, thereby reducing the pain on one portion of the feet.

  • Preventing blisters
When you do any kind of exercise on the floor with naked feet, there is a friction on the skin. This friction can cause blisters on the feet. Wearing comfortable footwear can keep the foot protected from blisters.

  • Keep the feet comfortable
There is the possibility of sweat in your feet and toes while you do yoga. The sweat can be uncomfortable and can make you lose the grip and slip. Yoga toes socks are designed in such a way that they absorb the sweat and keep the feet fresh. It also provides warmth in the cold chilly mornings. They are made out of materials that are light and breathable.

  • No germs
There can be germs on the floor or the mats that you might have to share. Wearing socks prevents the exposure of your feet to germs and keep them clean.
Socks For Yoga
Socks For Yoga

Tips for buying socks

Yoga toes as called by the specialists can be purchased from any sports shops or any stores that specializes in yoga items. You can also buy the socks online from shopping sites or websites.
  • Socks must be comfortable and there must be enough space for toes to move freely.
  • Brands are important, so you ask people at the stores regarding them.
  • You must choose socks that match your requirement.

Finally, you must buy socks only from trusted websites with secure network, and check the price and the quality of the sock before you buy it.

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