What Are The Multiple Types Of Heating And Cooling Systems?

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Are you aware of the fact that heating and cooling systems at home almost utilizes 40% of the household energy? Yes, it is the known fact and moreover, the percentage depends on the types of heating and cooling systems that you are using. All such units do not run on electricity but some also run on gas or fuel oil.
Heating And Cooling Systems
Heating And Cooling Systems

Here Are Few Types of Heating and Cooling Systems:

The Heating Systems:

  • Boilers: Do you know what boilers are? Boilers are water heaters that work on distributing heat in hot water. This type of heating system is also called as a hydronic system and it basically runs on fuel like natural gas or heating oil. Heat is carried through the house via steam in order to boil water by using steam boilers.  In boilers water is circulated through pipes to radiators by using fan and duct system. Water temperature is regulated by using valves, thermostats and aquastats. Good quality boilers can reduce monthly electricity bills to a large extent.
  • FurnacesCentral furnaces are used to provide heat. Via air registers, heated air is delivered to the house through ducts. Fuel oil, electricity or natural gas is used for power in this type of ducted warm air distribution system.
  • Heat Pumps:Are you aware of something called as two-way air conditioners? These are nothing but the heat pumps. During the winter season, it discharges heat inside the house using an electrical system. It functions exactly opposite to this during the summer season. Most commonly used types of heat pumps are geothermal and air source heat pumps. Underground heat is used in geothermal heat pumps. Conduction and convection of heat from the sources are the two ways which help to circulate heat all throughout the rooms, with the help of heat pumps.  
The Cooling Systems:

Air-conditioning is used as the cooling system in which energy is used to take away the heat. Heat present inside your house in transferred outside through such cooling system. Even in refrigerators, same cooling techniques are adopted.

There are different types of air-conditioning systems available in the market today. A particular system should be selected depending on the area that needs to be cooled.
Heating And Cooling Specialist
Heating And Cooling Specialist

Here Are Few Common Types of Air-Conditioning Systems That You Can Use:

  • Window air-conditioner: If you want a cooling system for your single room, then consider selecting window air conditioner. Different components used in this type of AC are enclosed in a single box. Some of the used components are like condenser, compressor, cooling coil, evaporator, valve etc. Fitting of such unit is commonly done at the window sill.
  • Split air-conditioner: In this type of AC, you can mainly find two parts, among which one is used outdoor and one is used indoor. In an outdoor unit that is used outside your room, you can find different components like compressor, expansion valve and condenser. On the other hand, cooling fan, cooling coil and evaporator are the parts of the indoor unit. Get the appealing look with this type of AC and the best part is that it does not occupy too much of space.
  • Centralized AC systemIn places like theater, Business Park, hotels, offices, houses etc. you can find such centralized AC unit. When you want AC for the huge space, then installing different split AC units can prove to be an expensive task. Central AC system is used in such scenario which can prove to be an affordable option. Huge capacity compressors are used in such AC system.
Avail these types of heating and cooling systems depending on your needs by going online and choosing from a wide range of collections. Click here for more information about heating and cooling systems.

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