Top 4 Different Types Of Drain Cleaning Equipment Available In The Market

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If you face the regular problem of blocked drains, then you need to become more cautious not to drop anything inside the sink or into the toilet, so as not to block drains. Also, if tree roots grow into drains, they might also cause a massive drain blockage. So it is important to call the drain-cleaning professionals, or to purchase some drain-cleaning equipment from the market, to unclog the drains. There are plumbers available to clean the blocked drains Ideally, the pores in the kitchen sink get clogged a lot of times and creates a mess in your kitchen. So, having the drain cleaning equipment helps you to clear the debris from the sink with ease.

Choose high quality materials that are durable and organic:

It is very important for you to purchase a drain cleaning equipment while purchasing the plumbing accessories. This equipment comes handy when the plumber is not accessible. Ideally, this kind of plumbing equipment is available in various models. However, you need to purchase this equipment from the manufacturers who are manufacturing high quality, durable and light in weight cleaning equipment.
Cleaning Blocked Drain
Cleaning Blocked Drain

What are the different equipment that can be used to clean blocked drains?

  • Drill-style drain cleaner: This kind of equipment comes into picture when you cannot push the debris in the sink down the drain. Ideally, these cleaners come handy when you want to push the large objects down the drain with ease and unblock the pores. This cleaner helps you to nearly clean the drain no matter whatsoever the clogged debris would be. This kind of cleaner is exclusively designed to inhibit such blockages at your home easily. This cleaner not only clear the blockages near the drain, but also inside of the drain too. These kinds of cleaners are available in different sizes. You can pick the lightweight one to clean the drains thoroughly without hiring any plumber.
  • Jet style cleaner: This kind of cleaner is used to pump down the blocked water in the sink down the drain quickly. This plumbing equipment is used to flush the debris down the drain and clear the water filled in the sink. The nozzle at the end of this equipment has the ability to withstand high water pressure. This equipment is ideal to make the drain cleaning process easy.
  • Rooter: This is the tool used to clean the drains that are outdoors, i.e. near the gardens, pools, etc. Ideally, this equipment is used to unblock the drains that are blocked with the roots of the plants grown with the waste water outside. However, this rooters, cuts the roots quickly and this debris is washed with the stink water besides cleaning your drain.
  • Electric snake: This kind of tool works with the help of motor and has a steel cable. This cable in inserted inside the blocked drain to clean the debris inside the pipe that is blocking the water flow. When you insert the cable, the motor rotates the cable and cuts the debris inside the drain into pieces. This tool has to be used by the experienced plumber, since if this tool is not used properly, then it lashes out the waste. In fact, the process of cleaning the drain with the plumbing snake needs to be repeated twice or thrice, to keep the drains totally clean from dirt and liquid sewage.
The best parts of these plumbing tools are that, you can clean the long pipes that are clogged with debris.  Cleaning a drain that is blocked with debris takes lot of time. Moreover, using these types of tool for a long time to clean the pipes may damage the pipes.

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