How to Conduct Split System Air Conditioner Installation Efficiently?

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It is a well-known fact that split system air conditioner installation is not an easy task. The process is very complex and requires professional competence on the part of the individuals. You can purchase most expensive climate control hardware but if it is not properly setup, the implications could be undesirable. If you want excellent installation, read the following tips in detail:
Split System Air Conditioner Installation

Set up Position:

  • Prior to setting up the system, one should mark the location where the indoor and the outdoor units have to be installed. Former is situated inside the room at the position that allows the air to be distributed throughout the length and breadth of the house. People who want to change the direction of the air flow can alter the position of the louvers. Indoor units have to be installed on the walls as they help economize the space by many notches.
  • Outdoor unit should be situated in the space that is big enough to accommodate the device. In short, open terrace would help ensure optimum flow of air. In case, the required location is not available, one can place the unit on the awning situated above the wall. You should be careful enough to ensure that installation and gas charging is carried out without any issue.
  • One of the most important factors that has to be kept in mind is that no impediment should be placed in front of the outdoor unit or else the passage of air would be blocked. It not only hampers the performance of the device but also causes the burning of the gas coil.
Split System Air Conditioner


  • After the location is identified, installation can be conducted however only under the supervision of a skilled personnel. Generally, the wall mounted split system should be installed at a distance of 8 to 10 feet from the floor.
  • The most important factor in setting up the system is the wall hook bracket made up of the aluminum template. It comprises of different holes and attachments that can be pushed onto the walls with the help of screws. Marking of the wall is created in line with the holes of the attachments. The bracket is fixed angled slightly to provide a tilt to the indoor unit so that the airflow can continue without any obstruction.
  • Fitting the bracket consists of making holes in the wall with the drilling machine in place of markings. Thereafter, screws are inserted into the suitable places without any issue.
  • While installing the unit, make sure to lift it up to a certain height and places into the wall bracket. Male connections will then easily fit into the female connectors of the unit. When the fitting is carried out, the copper tubing has to be extended to the outdoor unit through the hole. The drain pipe is stretched outward to eliminate the water from the air conditioners.
  • Indoor unit should be installed at an angle of about 2 to 3 degrees to the drain pipe. Condensed water is directed towards the drain pipe in an efficient manner to remove the extra liquid regularly. Ensuring correct drainage goes a long way in helping regulate the temperature.
  • When the outdoor unit is installed, it should be accomplished on a flat rigid surface. A loose base might result in excessive vibration and can hamper the performance of the air conditioner. Due to uncontrolled vibration, the compressor may also shake and it might have a detrimental effect on the regulation of the temperature inside the room. In addition, open space is necessary to ensure the free flow of air.
Hope this above mentioned information help you to installing a split system air conditioner efficiently for home. Click here for more ideas about it.

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