Things You Need to Know About Roadworthy Certificate

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Very few people are aware of the significance of a roadworthy certificate. A roadworthy certificate is a document that holds a lot of importance as it helps to build the worth of your automobile. Purely stated, a roadworthy certificate is an official assertion of your automobile being worthy of being driven on the road. If someone persuades you that a roadworthy certificate is not necessary, then tell him that he is wrong. A roadworthy certificate is your automobile’s license to run on the roads. In case you are buying a second-hand car, and the seller tries to bail out of presenting a roadworthy certificate, you should not buy that car. No roadworthy certificate is synonymous to a faulty automobile. The car seller without this certificate is definitely hiding something.
Roadworthy Certificate for Car
Roadworthy Certificate for Car

What Is Checked in A Roadworthy Test?

A roadworthy test is a test to check the functioning of several components to ensure its suitability to operate normally on the road. The car undergoes a thorough testing of the mechanical parts. A roadworthy certificate is issued only after all these parts are found to be healthily functioning. For this, there are licensed operators to check whether the car complies with the road regulations and driving safety. Parts that are checked are:
  1. Brakes
  2. Steering
  3. Driveline
  4. Lamps and reflectors
  5. Exhaust and emissions
  6. Car chassis
  7. Seat belts and air bags
  8. Tread wear on tyres and wear and tear in tyre tubes
car roadworthy certificate
Car Roadworthy Certificate

When Is It Essential to Get A Roadworthy Certificate?

There are some cases in which a roadworthy certificate is essential. Such situations where you need to assure a person about the worthiness of your car are the instances when you need to get the roadworthy certificate issued.
  1. Selling your car: If you are selling your car, the seller will always ask for a roadworthy certificate as one would need that certificate to transfer the ownership of the car. Also, the certificate is a kind of an assurance of the fully functionality of the car.
  2. Registering a car after buying it: when you buy a car, you need to get it registered under your name before you start driving or else you may be fined if you are found driving an unregistered car. You cannot get a car registered is you do not have a latest roadworthy certificate. So, first, you need a roadworthy test before registering your car.
  3. Safety: In case your car is old, there can be faults in it which make it unsafe for driving. As you have been driving it for several years, you may not even know about those faults but those can be major ones which are capable of putting lives in danger. So, it is advisable to get a roadworthy test at regular intervals to ensure the car is not unsuitable for safe driving.
Roadworthy Certificate
Roadworthy Certificate

A Few Points to Know About the Roadworthy Certificate

  • The cost of issuing a roadworthy certificate greatly depends on how old the car is and its present condition.
  • In case the car fails the roadworthy test, you have a period of 7 days to get the defects repaired and get it rechecked. If it is done within 7 days of application, you are saved from the trouble of reapplying.
  • A roadworthy certificate is valid for 60 days from the date of its issue.
  • You can apply for renewal of the certificate within 21 days after its expiry date.
  • The roadworthy test does not include car components which are not related to road safety like electric and cooling operations.
  • Passing the roadworthy test does not mean that the car would function without any problems for the next 60 days.

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