Cantilever Gates To Secure Your Premises And Feel Safe

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A cantilever gate is a gate that is supported on only one end. Mostly used in driveways of houses or commercial buildings, these gates can be open able type or sliding type. It can be thought of as a gate that runs on an inverted channel. The channel is referred to as a “rail” or a “track” depending on whether the gate is sliding type or hinged type.
What are the different types of cantilevered gates?
Made of various material from hollow tubular sections to aluminium tube or wrought iron or colorbond sheets (single or double sided) and can range in weight from lightweight to heavyweight wrought iron gates.

  • The infill can also be as per your choice – colorbond sheets, mesh, palisade poles, timber panels - the choice of material depends on the particular application and the money you are willing to spend.
  • For instance, if it is a small driveway of your house, you may use a lightweight material or aluminium tubes for construction as this will cost less.
  • On the other hand, if it is a gate for a large factory or commercial area where security is important, the gates might be closed and opened very often, a heavyweight gate structure is more durable.

What are sliding cantilevered gates?

Sliding cantilever gates are more popular as they can be installed where there is a space constraint and a hinged type gate will take a lot of space. Sliding cantilever gate can be installed on uneven terrain or where there is a slope or incline on one side of the gate or even on the water. As these are supported on only one end, which is normally grouted in the ground, there is no need for laying any track across the doorway. These are easy to install and can be easily automated too.
cantilever gates
Cantilever Gates 
Automatic sliding or hinged type cantilever gate

Automation is in any case an advisable option. Especially for industrial and commercial applications. Installing a motor of suitable capacity and a logic controller can easily do this.

  • The weight of the gate, its span, material of construction and the number of times it is supposed to open and close are some of the parameters to be considered when choosing a motor for automation of cantilever gates. 
  • At present, solar powered kits for automating a sliding or hinged type cantilever gate are also available and are an energy efficient option. The logic control board depends on your motor rating and the number of features you want.
  • For instance, you may choose an automatic sliding or hinged type gate, which opens whenever anybody approaches and after a time lapse of some seconds or minutes it closes if it does not detect any passenger.
  • These are standard features, but you may incorporate additional features such as a small opening for pedestrians and full opening for allowing a car or truck to pass through. Keypads can be installed allowing entry to only those persons who enter the security code or proximity cards can be provided to any certified person. These cards need to be scanned to a card reader installed on or near the gate and the gate can open automatically to allow access.
The price also depends on all the above features. Part of the automatic features, the material of construction, the size, the span, the rating of motor, logic controllers etc. all determine the price.

Choose from the wide range of options available keeping in mind the safety and security aspects and rest easy knowing that your premises are secured by a good quality cantilever gate and also you can find more about cantilever gates go through this link and get more information.

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