Drain Camera Inspection, The Easiest Method To Unblock The Clogged Drains

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The drainage system in a house is very important and cannot be ignored. A small amount of time and little investment can save large amount of cleaning time and money. . Correct analysis of a sewerage system is very important to get fast and successful results. Non- invasive drain inspection is a faster and professional method to treat blockages, especially in case of frequent blockages. With the gradual passage of technology, even inspecting the blocked drains to understand the exact problem, has become quite easier with the help of drain camera which detects and analyses the depth of the problem or blockage that has actually led to the clogging of your drain or sewage pipes. 
Drain Camera Inspection
Drain Camera Inspection

How the video technology is used to unclog the drains?

The video technology is a clean and accurate way to the problems inside the drains. The latest drain camera inspection technology is used for close evaluation of drainage and sewage lines. This technology is an excellent way of detecting the variety of obstructions likes pipe sagging, sludge builds up etc. In a drain inspection, a camera is immersed in the sewage lines to find the real problems in the pipes.

  • Right from small strands of hair to large and medium sized pebbles, papers scraps, cotton scraps, straw and all those items which are likely to clog a drain, are detected with the help of these super-advanced cameras.
  • This latest technology is of great value in detecting obstructions like clay, dirt, and foliage, roots and gravel accumulation in the pipes.
  • The camera gives the full clarity and also reveals the lines of obstruction coming from the rocks impressions.  If you hire a plumber, then he can easily detect the accurate points or faults which have been made inside the drains, or the sewage pipes, due to blockage or any sort of concussion or due to erosion.
The camera footage can be replayed:

In addition, footage can be replayed helping you to re-inspect the issue if it is again encountered which means that you can play it for further judgement. The drainage inspection specialists can better locate the target areas therefore reducing the extent of excavation and repair works.
Drain Camera
Steps performed during drain inspection:

1) Getting into the drain: An access point is located from where the camera is pushed along the pipe. In bigger pipes, the camera is mounted on a wheeled crawler unit.

2) Taking the images:  The plumbers will observe images from the camera as it moves along the pipe on a monitor screen. Then blockages or any other defects along with their location in the pipe are logged.

3) Compilation of reports: The detailed report of the problem found and its location is taken into account. The report contains all the photos and video footage if taken and a plan presenting the location of the drain.

There are various advantages of drain camera inspection:

  • Helps in identifying the precise location of the problem: With the help of this technology a plumber can locate the exact area in the blocked pipe without any excavation. This problem identification technique involves a camera that is specifically designed for pipes and drains. With the video inspection technology, no digging is required to get the information needed to identify the types of repairs and their location. 
  • Minimum damage to landscaping: Drain camera inspection doesn't require any digging in order to determine the source of plumbing problems. The specific points which need to be repaired, are found out after inspection, and the remedy is considered accordingly.
Apart from this, video inspection also takes less time and labour than trenching and finding the problems. It results in lower costs and takes less amount of time in restoring the affected drain to working order. Visit this link to get more information about drain camera inspection.

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