Air Conditioning Service Process And Checklist To Remember!

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Why is it so important to keep an air conditioner well maintained? If you want to save money over energy bills then it is very important to keep your AC well maintained. Proper air conditioning service can also allow you to enhance the lifespan of your unit. There are many agencies which claim that they carry on with air conditioning service free of cost, if you buy an air conditioner from the, but they always do not have professional installation experts and mechanics who know everything right from changing the filter to adjusting the tilt angle of the ac. Hence, it becomes important to search for thorough professionals who can carry on with the right techniques of air condition servicing.
Air Conditioning Service
Air Conditioning Service
Before knowing details about step by step process followed for AC servicing, you also need to know the basic about AC maintenance check list:
  1. Check AC coils
Over the passing years, your AC may not perform well due to dirt present at condenser coil and evaporator coil. Dirt can insulate the coil and this can affect the flow of air. Heat absorption capacity may also get reduce due to the dirt. Dirty coils can a so affect your energy bills. Do not try to use any harsh chemical agents to clean the coil and filters and look after the quality of the fins when the ac has already run for six months. 
  1. Check AC filters
It is important on your part to regularly clean AC filter and replace it if required. Air flow can get affected due to clogged filters and thus it can affect the performance of your AC unit. Look for an air conditioning service provider who can help you with filter cleaning process. If the filter attached to your AC is reusable then you need to clean it on a monthly basis. It is not at all advisable to keep your AC in a dusty condition.
  1. Check refrigerant charge
Using sub cooling method you can check the refrigerant charge. The refrigerant charge can go low or high. People generally do not notice this factor and thus, it may lead to an increase in the operation cost, and the performance of the condenser may also go down.
  1. Check wiring issues
Loose connections can affect the performance of your AC.  It can also lead to the failure of compressor or motor. Checking wiring issues on a regular basis can help you to avoid technical problems in future. it is also important to check the relays and contactors.
  1. Check motors and bearings
Do you know that motors and bearings need proper lubrication at the right time? If they are not lubricated, then it can affect the rotating process of motors and bearings.
  1. Check belts and pulleys
Adjust belts and pulleys in such a way that it does not decrease the flow of air. Compressor life can get affected with the loose connection of belts and pulleys. It can also boost the operating cost. Sometimes cracks are also visible on belts which need to be treated or replaced as soon as possible.
Air Conditioning Repair
The General process followed by air conditioning service provider to maintain your unit is:

  • First the service provider will turn off the power unit in order to avoid any kind of dangers related to working around electricity.
  • Then fan cage is removed in order to clean debris, leaf etc. that are present around the condenser.
  • After this, fin cleaning spray is used to clean the fins.
  • If the fins are in bent condition, then they are straightened by the air conditioning service provider.
  • Condenser and evaporator coil are successfully cleaned.
Hence, it is important that your air conditioning system gets cleaned and maintained after every six months or as required, to ensure its steady and uninterrupted performance. Do you want to know more about air conditioning service? Let’s go to the details for getting more information.

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