What Are The Best Techniques For Blocked Drain Cleaning?

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Each of you understands the importance of keeping your bathroom and kitchen drains clean. As these are the areas in the house which can get dirty very fast paying attention to them regularly will be very important.

  • With this, you can easily avoid the problem of blocked drain. A lot of pans and pots are generally scrubbed in the kitchen sinks every day.
  • Apart from this, every family member in the house use the bathroom for brushing, shaving, bathing and lot more. It is this, which can cause drain choking and also unpleasant odors.
  • At some point of time, there are different types of tree roots that get stuck inside the drains, and then it becomes mandatory to call the drain cleaner who can use the drain camera and the drain cleaning snake to unblock your drains. 
drain cleaners
Drain Cleaners

How to choose the natural drain cleaners and the bent wires for cleaning?

Firstly, you can choose to opt for natural drain cleaners. These days there are many brands that have come with natural cleaners keeping in mind the environmental safety reasons. Before you start using any harsh chemicals for your blocked drain, checking out on these natural cleaners is advisable.

  • As one of the best drain cleaning ingredients, you can just pour some baking powder into the sink, or else, around the drain spouts, and then pour some hot water in these places. The drain will get unblocked instantly, and you can repeat the process to maintain a dry and clean drain.
  • Secondly, you can also use the bent wire hanger to get rid of the blocked drain. This is one of the simplest methods to use but can have surprising results. For this, you will have to take a straight wire and then bend it from one side tightly. Once it is ready, pass through the drain and start fishing.  With this, you will be able to take out all the nasty stuff which is stuck up inside. Make sure that you do not force the hanger because it may destroy the pipe if it is made up of plastic. Once this is done run some hot water to clear small particles which are left out.
  • Using the wet and dry vacuum tool can also be one idea. Cover up the vent tightly and then create a tight seal over the drain with an old plunger head. With the pressure created by the vacuum, all the dirt and debris will clog up at the mouth of the pipe. The debris gets collected inside the vacuum bag, but you must never try to pour that debris all around the drain once more.
Blocked Drain Cleaning
Blocked Drain Cleaning

What are the benefits of commercial and synthetic drain cleaning agents?

Making use of chemical drain cleaners will also give you a good result. There are too many domestic products which are specifically manufactured for this task.

  • These cleaners which you use to clear the blocked drain should be poured into the pipes and then you should pour some boiling water to pour down the dirt through the drain. It dissolves all the dirt and grease which is causing the clogging. 
  • Apart from these few methods and products, you can also make use of vinegar, caustic soda, the poking method, dish detergent or even the gravity and pressure method.

A kitchen sink will need soft cleaning solutions as compared to that of a bathroom sink. Thus, it is essential that you keep a note on this before you start to look for methods that can help get rid of blocked drain. 

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