What Are the Most Essential Features of Commercial Kitchen?

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There happen to be varied forms of kitchens in the modern era. There is a major difference between a domestic kitchen and a commercial kitchen. Commercial kitchens are mainly found to be in hospitals, hotels, restaurants and other public places. Equipped with heavy equipment, these kitchens are generally much larger in size as compared to the domestic kitchens. Now if you want to know what a commercial kitchen is, then to cite an example, it will be better to refer to the kitchens of a train, an industry, a restaurant, a food joint kitchen, or the kitchen of any confectionery.

Distinctive Stations Available

There are varied forms of stations in a commercial kitchen. Each station is assigned different activities to perform. Thus, it can be stated in this way that variety of stations make up a proper commercial kitchen. Along with the size of the space and the maximization of its utility, it is also important to deal with the cabinet and the shelf installation, the accessories that are required inside and knowledge about how to maintain the commercial kitchen. There are different commercial kitchen stations available for this.
  • Distinct type of cuisines offered in a restaurant basically decides on the number of stations to be used over here.
  • Sample stations are also likely to be feasible. These would include baking, grilling, etc.
  • In order to prepare the delicacies, each station will administer its equipment to serving required dishes.
  • The varied stations will provide everything, from minor details to the major ones which a chef will be requiring.
Commercial Kitchen
Commercial Kitchen

Basic Features of a Kitchen Layout:

A feature of a kitchen layout of a domestic kitchen naturally differs from that of a commercial kitchen in innumerable ways. Some common types of features of a layout are mentioned below.
  • There is an abundance of refrigeration units to cool stored foods to certain amount of temperatures.
  • Proficiency of a kitchen layout can be determined by the availability of considerable number of electric and gas outlets in each station.
  • Unlike a domestic kitchen, workers of commercial kitchens are protected by state, country and local codes as well.

Necessity of Health Codes

Workers working in a commercial kitchen are bound to have some prevalent forms of health codes. These appropriate measures have been made mandatory for benefits of the workers to follow.
  • Health codes have been concocted for areas of food storage and for operations dealing in all kinds of preparations.
  • Such measures are taken specially to avoid any kinds of diseases and illness, which would hamper the working conditions.
  • Dishwashers should be required to be heated to a certain temperature and refrigerators should also be able to freeze adequately.
Health codes also regard manners regarding disposal to be of utmost importance. If failed to follow, workers are likely to fall into some sort of serious troubles which would result in a drastic expulsion.
Commercial Kitchen Equipments
Commercial Kitchen Equipment's

Primary Factor to Be Sustained:

Certain factors like safety requirements should be sustained in places like commercial kitchen. Safety is considered to be an utmost priority in these kitchens. As fire extinguisher is utilized mainly in the domestic kitchens similarly, commercial kitchens are provided with an industrial extinguisher. Risk of fire never stays away from a kitchen so it is vital for all electrical and gas appliances to be maintained in a proper way.

Qualified engineers should test all equipment that is related to electricity or gas supply. These factors if maintained properly in the kitchen would be beneficial for workers as well as the kitchen itself.

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