All About Split System Air Conditioning Services for Home

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Split system air conditioners are effective plus they are not noisy. A split system air conditioner is a refrigerative air conditioner that splits its components into two parts:
Split System Air Conditioning
Split System Air Conditioning
  • Indoor unit, which contains the evaporator component. This can be installed easily and takes minimal space. A simple piping connection has to be provided to the external unit. Customer can decide to have it wall mounted or on the floor, cassette etc. It is otherwise called the cold side.
  • Outdoor unit which houses the compressor and condenser components. It is known as the hot side or the condensing unit.
In large business offices, malls, etc., the condensing unit normally lives on the roof and can be quite massive. Alternatively, there may be many smaller units on the roof, each attached inside to a small air handler that cools a specific zone in the building. Split AC can run into problems when distance between the condenser and the air handler exceeds limitations or the amount of duct work and the length of ducts becomes un-manageable.

Seek referrals for buying AC

Almost all the AC manufacturers claim to be the best in the industry. So it is good to seek some referrals from relatives and friends.  They can suggest you some companies which are dependable and offers best services. With this, you can shortlist few providers and make a comparison on the basis of price. This can help you to select the best air conditioning installation service for your needs.

Check the services offered

When searching for the best air conditioning and also installation service it is crucial for you to check the service offered by them prior to buying. Most manufacturers have a team that installs their AC and also available for maintenance over a period of time.

Now if you have bought your split AC, it’s time to install it.

While installing a new air conditioner, you don’t want to hastily decide and let just anyone install your new AC. That’s where the experts from Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning come in. Experts have the qualifications and certifications to back up their expert AC installation. They provide you with ultimate service that you are 100% satisfied.  
Split System Air Conditioning
Split System Air Conditioners

They offer you:

Tidy installation: Starts with shoe covers to protect your home from dirt. Installation area is covered with drop cloths to keep your floor covered from dirt and dust during the process of drilling.

High-quality: certified technicians - which mean they have gone through rigorous training to receive the most coveted technical certification in the industry. An installation checklist to ensure every small detail is covered and that everything is working properly. Once the installation is completed a handover of instructions that you completely understand how to work your new thermostat and air conditioner.

Constant Updates: during the installation process experts will be sure to let you know how the process is going. Plus, maintenance service reminders may be an added service.

For your outdoor unit, you will need space to install the external unit. Note that if you don’t find a place for the external unit you will need strong and sturdy ‘right angle’ brackets to hold the AC. If not, this unit will have to be placed in the terrace and the hardware for this will cost you a few extra bucks.

Once your wall is drilled, to connect the pipe to the outdoor unit, you must ensure the packing material is tightly stuffed. This will ensure insects don’t creep in rain droplets don’t drip in. These ACs the most efficient air conditioners when it comes cooling and energy saving. Click here to know more about the split system air conditioning.

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