Top Ideas About Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hoods

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Commercial kitchen ventilation requires a heavy duty, sturdy and durable kitchen exhaust. Commercial food service industry makes use of the best in class manufacturers of Commercial Range Hoods, Commercial Kitchen Hoods etc.

Commercial kitchen exhaust hoods and the ventilation system that connects to it are the most important, part of your restaurant. A working kitchen always has humidity inside it. Fire Suppression Systems can be pre piped and can be completely installed and integrated for better and safe operation against deposits like grease and other types of food preparation fire hazards.
Kitchen Exhaust Hoods
Kitchen Exhaust Hoods
If you are equipping your restaurant, then look for 10' x 48" exhaust hood that comes with high-powered fans or blowers. It removes odors and improves the indoor air quality inside your kitchen. They also remove moisture, which can increase the level of humidity. If the fans aren’t powerful, it can cause mold, bacteria growing which can result in important health code violations. And when in the food and hospitality industry one can’t afford this. So it’s highly recommended to invest in a powerful exhaust hoof. This will enable you to maintain proper indoor air quality and also to remove pollutants, cooking odors, moisture and grease from the restaurant's kitchen. A popular manufacturer recommends that restaurant must use commercial kitchen fans which are highly powerful is that and that they must be able to maintain the correct speed to draw all cooking pollutants into the hood. If this is not accomplished properly, grease gets deposited during the kitchen, creating a severe fire hazard and the risk of a kitchen fire. This is one main difference between commercial kitchen exhaust hood and a residential exhaust hood.

These restaurant and commercial hood systems must be properly installed by technicians. The many advantages of these commercial kitchen exhaust hoods make them a popular choice of expert installers. 

Let’s look at some of the Features and Benefits of a commercial kitchen exhaust food.

  • It must have superior exhaust flow rates
  • Its front design should direct the grease vapors, steam toward the exhaust filter bank.
  • It must be fabricated of stainless steel with fully welded and polished front corners. 
  • The sizes start from 30-inch width and larger.
  • Accurately sized kitchen exhausts in a commercial kitchen ensure that the air is clean.
Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hoods
Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hoods
The hood constructed includes the following details:

  • Exhaust Fan (1pc)
  • Mounting Curb Wall / Roof (1pc)
  • A double wall insulated front to eliminate condensation and increase rigidity
  • Filters: An integral baffle to direct grease laden vapors toward the exhaust filter bank.
  • Pre-Wired Light(s)
  • Stainless Grease Cup(s): It has removable grease cup for easy cleaning.
  • Hanging Brackets
The restaurant and catering businesses need a commercial hood system which should be properly installed by certified technicians. After installation a performance-test must be conducted for proper ventilation. The many benefits of these exhaust hoods makes them a popular choice of professional installers. You must collect the certificate for any test conducted. Also, the warranty for the product purchase must be collected. Check with the commercial kitchen exhaust hoods technicians about any servicing that may be required.

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