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Tips to Install Timber Bifold Doors

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Timber bifold doors are pretty heavy when compared to the other materials used. It is connected in pairs with the help of hinges and hangs on the track. It is the heft of the door that keeps it from shuddering when it is opened. This is the reason timber doors are more substantial. The most difficult part of installing a bifold door is attaching and thereafter adjusting the hardware. You need to assemble the pivots, tracks, and the hinges. Take enough time to check the measurement and position of pieces to make sure that it is in the right place and is facing the appropriate direction.
Timber Bifold Doors

Mounting the Hinges of the Doors

  • Make sure that you paint or finish the door before you start installing it.
  • Label the doors to check the order in which they will be installed. Get a jamb side door and mark the inner edge of it 7 inches from the top portion and 11 inches from the bottom.
  • Keep it centered between the two. The door should be placed on the edge and the marks that you have made should be facing up.
  • You have to take lower half of the hinge and then align the bottom portion with the mark that you have made at the bottom. The knuckles of the door must be facing back and flush to the edge. Drill holes into the hinge holes and screw on the hinge plate.
  • Make sure that you attach the middle and the top hinges on the mark.
  • Now, place the inner door on the edge, as the back of it faces the back of the first door. Align the doors evenly taking the help of a square screw the hinge plates on the main door. Repeat the entire process with the second door.

Fix the Track Hardware

You have to fasten the pivot plates and the locking to the top, as well the bottom of each of the doors. The pivot plates are placed at the top and bottom of jamb-side timber bifold doors along with the locking arms the top portion of the leading doors. Make sure to check the diagrams that are provided with the doors to get the exact placement and measurement. This will keep the places from going backward.
Bi-Fold Doors

Install the Track of the Timber Bifold Door

In order to make the track perfect fit in the door opening, cut these appropriately. You need to slide in the hanging hardware into the door track and the small tops at the centre. It is around them that you gave to track the hangers along with the wheels and ultimately install the pivot socket on the outer side. Attach the door header with the help of the screws that have been provided.

Position the Floor Bracket

Position the floor bracket with the measurements that have been provided by the manufacturer. You have to hang a plumb bob from the centre of the track just above the floor bracket for aligning the pin hole into the bracket. Outline the bracket with a pencil for marking its location. Thereafter screw the bracket in its place.

Hang the Bifold Doors

Take the timber bifold doors and lift up the jamb side for hooking the pin of the top pivot plate into the socket of the pivot. Thereafter, push the level at the side of the socket for locking it in position. By closing the doors, you need to mount the door aligners from inside. Make sure that you check the alignment from outside.

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