Various Types of Heating and Cooling Systems for Homes

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The heating and cooling system of your home is known as HVAC equipment. HVAC stand for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. HVAC systems are responsible to control the temperature, humidity and quality of your indoor environment. There are many different types of heating and cooling systems to choose from depending on the area you stay in, the climatic conditions and the level of humidity present in the air. This guide will give you more information on the types of heating and cooling systems available, and how to choose the right one for your home.
Air Conditioning Split Systems
Air Conditioning Split Systems

Heating and Air Conditioning Split Systems

The most common and classic type of heating and cooling system is the split system. The split system comes in 2 units, internal and external. The internal unit will remove the heat and moisture from the room and keep it outside through the external unit. The air conditioner will distribute cool air via ducts with the help of blowers. This split system can be connected to the furnace in your house. The hot air from the furnace will be forced into the ducts using a furnace blower which will effectively heat up the house. This heating and cooling split system is the most common used HVAC equipment. They are affordable, and are ideal if you want to heat or cool more than one room in your house.

Hybrid Heat Split Systems

The hybrid heat split system is an advanced version of the standard HVAC split system discussed above. This hybrid system comes with a heat pump that improves energy efficacy. The heat pump and air conditioner can heat or cool the refrigerant. The furnace and evaporator coil will help to convert the refrigerant and circulate cool or warm air. It will use the ducts to distribute the air throughout the house. The hybrid systems come with a control panel or thermostat to manage the system. You also get optional accessories for quality indoor air such as air cleaners, purifiers, UV lamps and humidifiers. This hybrid heat system is perfect for you if you prefer to have an electrically fueled heating and cooling system.
Duct Air Cooling Systems

Duct Free Heating and Air Cooling Systems

If your home does not have ducts or if there are areas in your house where the conventional duct system cannot reach, then the duct free heating and cooling system is perfect for you. Instead of ducts, these systems come with indoor air handling units that can be installed high up on the wall. The blowers in the units will blow out the air in each room. These systems come with heat pumps and air conditioners to heat or cool the refrigerant. A compact fan coil will be connected to the outdoor unit via wires and tubing. Duct free heating and cooling systems come with optional accessories to clean and purify the air before it is distributed to the rooms.

Packaged Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

If you do not have adequate space to house the separate components of the traditional HVAC split system in your house or office, then the packaged heating and cooling system is ideal for you. These systems come as one packaged unit with the heat pump and air conditioner together. These are ideal to heat and cool your entire home without taking up much space. A compressor will be installed outside, preferably on your roof. An indoor coil will help to either heat the air or cool it. The fans will distribute the air throughout the house. You can also completely control the system via the control interface.

The primary purpose of a heating and cooling system is to provide what you need along with good quality indoor air and thermal comforts. Once you understand your specific need regarding heating and cooling system, you can choose the right and affordable one for your home.

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