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Hire Professional to Get Service for an Evaporative Cooling Machine

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Services are much required in case of air-conditioners and evaporative cooling units, which all deal in water and air inflow and outflow. Automatically such mechanisms invites in a lot of dust particles, pollens, dirt, grease in air and many such pollutants. As a result with pollutants, germs and microbes develop. So you need to maintain your evaporating cooling machines by consulting with some trained professionals. They will clean your cooling system and they will increase the longevity of your machines.
Evaporative Cooling Machine

What to Expect From a Poorly Maintained Evaporative AC?

In a poorly maintained and seldom cleaned evaporative cooling machine, you may expect mold and mildew, bacterial growth, and unsafe air. Altogether, the machine itself will be dirty from inside, and the air let out will also be carrier of germs, microbes, spores etc. To stay fresh, feel and keep the family safe, you must therefore schedule timely servicing of your evaporative air conditioner.

What Happens When You Get Professionals To Service Your Evaporative AC?

During summer, the air conditioner and cooling systems perform at their best level and you may use these systems throughout the day. Due to recurrent uses, there are some problems that might occur in your cooling system, and you need to consult with the evaporating cooling service for the same. When you get professionals to do the servicing for your evaporative air conditioner, then you may expect the following, which are part of the routine check and services.

  • Cleaning of algae, molds and mildews
  • Cleaning of sediments
  • Cleaning of the drain pipes and drain system
  • Filter pad status checking and cleaning as required
  • Cleaning and lubrication of water pumps
  • Water distribution system cleanup
  • Machine components, fan motor and other parts cleaning and checking for right working
  • Motor current flow testing
  • Float valves and solenoid testing in water outlet system
  • Checking of water and electrical connections to ensure smooth passage
  • Disinfection of water system
  • Checking the smooth operation of the machine
As all these levels of check are done, you can be sure that the machine is fully ready to give you gusts of fresh and cool air in summer.
Evaporative Cooler

How to Do the Maintenance on Your Own?

In case you are still not equipped with the best professional in your area for a quick and efficient servicing of the evaporative cooling machine, you may try your own hands in test maintenance.

  • On removing filter, wash the insides with a hose. In this regards you can see the product’s manual to locate the filters of your cooling system. You need to replace this filter after a certain time, and you need to hire some trained professional for this replacement.
  • In case of old machine, the sump dump has to be taken off to release tank water, but in new machines this step is not needed.
  • Wipe all the places near the water tank in the inside of the machine. Due to tears, the machine and the ducts will get affected, and you can find huge amount of rust in these segments. So try to keep these portions dry all the time.
  • You may brush off the motor with a soft brush.
  • For old units you must replace the filter and run the unit once, and then shut it off and drain off the water and change the fourth filter.
But these steps are only to help you in an emergency. Since at home you may not have the right disinfectant to clean the machine, the right tools to operate, you must not repeat these steps too often, and get in touch with professionals.

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