Importance of Getting a Car Serviced Regularly

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Cars have made our lives easier over the past couple of decades. It is expensive because of its important parts and manufacturing. It needs proper servicing periodically so that it stays in good working condition. It is advisable to get a periodic service done from an authorized service centre to perfect cleaning and functioning of car’s each and every spare part.

Servicing does not mean just cleaning the interior of the car or washing the exterior using soap and water.  Each and every component or spares of the car is checked properly to ensure smooth functioning of the same.  Some such parts which require necessary attention during servicing are Battery, brakes, fuel injector, radiator, AC compressor, clutch, engine fan, alternator, wheels by carrying out regular wheel rotation, etc.

Though the list is endless, these are some parts which the owner needs to ensure to get serviced regularly. A good service centre knows how to handle a car with utmost care and professionalism by giving its due repair and pointing out if there is any fault with any part.
Car Service Expert
Car Service Expert

Tips to Maintain and Handle a Car

There are number of parts in a car and malfunctioning of a single part can make your car behave strangely. Maintaining a car will help you to keep it safe, drive it for a long time after when you require it then sell it and buy a new one. While servicing your car you need to ensure the following things.
  • Tires - The tires are properly inflated
  • Oil - Oil is the blood of your car. You should check the oil level regularly like once a week to understand the level of oil in the car. Ask your mechanics to check oil when the car goes for servicing and it should be changed every 4000-5000 miles (6400-7200kms).
  • Windows - Ensure all windows, lights and mirrors are not broken. Replace if it is broken or not functioning properly.
  • Brakes - Notice if any problems arise with the brakes then replace it as modern cars are designed in this way so the braking system can be replaced.
  • Belt - Loose belts often make a loud squealing sound so better to get your car checked if you hear this sound.
  • Battery - Check the battery once a month for corrosion and have it cleaned or as needed.
  • Interior- Vacuum your interior of car when needed to keep it clean and free of dust.
  • Fluids - Coolant, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, brake fluid, and other fluids need to be checked minimum of once per week as they are the lifeblood of the car.
  • Lights -Make sure to check your headlights, taillights, reverse lights, brake lights, and Any problem with the lights can cause trouble while driving, especially in the night.
  • Windshield Wipers - Windshield wipers need to be checked periodically. Never try to replace it by yourself.
  • Emission control systems - Depending on your locality, you may be required to get your car checked for emissions periodically.
Car Service
Car Service

Servicing of a Car

Servicing of car needs a full diagnostics of car along with cleaning. All the above-mentioned points in the tips to handling a car and the main parts of car need to be checked when you give your car for servicing. Go to authorized car service centers only as they will give you the best solution and you can claim in event of damages. Following all the tips that have been mentioned herewith along with periodic servicing will ensure that your car runs smoothly for a long time.

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