What Are Some Tips You Should Employ For Ducted Air Conditioning Systems?

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If you want to save energy bills as well as want your air conditioning system to work for years without giving you trouble, there are certain tips you need to employ.

  • Proper planning – before you choose your air conditioning system you need to ensure everything is properly planned. The planning should be based upon the location of the rooms as well as the size and the needs. The same system can be used for heating as well as cooling of ducted air and that is cheap to run if the planning is correctly done.
  • The air conditioning units should be placed where there is no obstruction and there is good access for air. The outdoor unit should be in a shady area, which is well ventilated.
  • Energy saving can be accomplished by setting the thermostat at an ideal temperature. When the thermostat is slightly cooler in winter and slightly warmer in summer, each degree of temperature will save considerable amounts of money as the ducted air conditioner will not need to work that hard.
  • The ducted air conditioning system needs to be properly maintained. The filters need to be changed every 2 – 3 months and the batteries of the remote control need to be changed annually. The outdoor units need to be cleaned of debris.
  • Thick curtains in winter add to the heat while awnings in summer add to the coolness. Also, the windows and doors should be wisely opened or closed as this causes the air conditioner to work harder.
  • The walls and ceiling should be insulated as that will allow the air conditioning to work more efficiently. Any openings should be sealed for a better insulation.
  • The capacity of the air conditioner and the space of the room should be planned.
Ducted Air Conditioning Systems
For cleaning of vents, it is good to employ a professional may be once a year. However, every month or so, in order to clean the vents by yourself, you will need to inspect the inside portion of the cover to check for dust build up, dirt and other debris. The filter too needs to be checked as dirty filters make the air conditioner work harder and they also expel air which is polluted and dirt laden. If the vents are extremely dirty, they can decrease the air flow and further affect the efficiency of the machine.       

The ducted vents should be cleaned by turning the air conditioner off and then using the brush attachment to clean the dirt and dusts as well as debris. For vents on the ceiling, a duster would do which is mounted on an extension pole. The rest of the dust and mold can be removed with a damp cloth. When these vents are cleaned, it catches the dust, the bacteria, pollen, odors, viruses, smoke and microbes. This not only facilitates better health by not exposing the occupants with these allergens and pathogens, but also leads to smoother flow of air through the vents leading to less load on the condenser and thereby less power consumption.

In all, when these systems are well maintained, it is an overall win win situation for everyone. Keep in touch to get more information.

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