How To Do Blind Cleaning Easily That Is Heavily Dirty

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Blind cleaning is one of the most important things to be done regularly in order to maintain the cleanliness of the house. Window Blinds are a popular replacement of the curtains in the modern times because of the fact that the maintenance of blinds is easy. Blinds do not require a huge effort to clean and actually takes far less time than curtains to clean up.
Blind Cleaning
Blind Cleaning

Things Required For Blind Cleaning

Before concentrating on the cleaning part it is important to have a good idea about the materials required and keeping them handy can make the cleaning procedure even easier. There is no specific way or procedure for blind cleaning and the cleaning mainly depends on how dirty the blinds are. Apart from patience, the desire to keep your home beautiful and dust free, and your willingness to spare some time, the materials you require for blind cleaning are:

  • A vacuum cleaner that has extension attachment.
  • A blind duster made of microfiber or a simple cloth of microfiber.

Cleaning of the Blinds

Once you are done with getting the materials required, next you will simply require cleaning them. What is to be noted is the fact that you should never try blind cleaning by water because of the maximum what you find on blinds is dust, and water and dust do not mix.

  • Cleaning using a blind duster made of microfiber and a vacuum cleaner with an attachment: Use the duster to clear the dust on the blind. Just remember to use the duster from the top to the bottom so that the dust will collect below the blinds for easy removal. Moreover going from bottom to top is not really an option. After you have cleaned off the dust from the blinds, clean off the dust on the ground using the vacuum cleaner with an attachment.
  • Cleaning using a cloth of microfiber and a vacuum cleaner with an attachment: Open the blind with either the concave or the convex side facing you. And dust the side from top to bottom. Just remember to dust it from top to bottom so that it helps the dust to collect under the blind. Use the rod that is used to open and close the blind and turn the side of the blind. If you had cleaned the concave side then clean the convex side next time just in the same way as the other side. Now use the vacuum cleaner with an attachment to clean off the dust gathered on the floor.
Blind Cleaning in Home
Blind Cleaning in Home

How To Do Blind Cleaning That Is Heavily Dirty

Heavily dirty blinds require special attention and for that, all you need to do is to wash them along with dry cleaning them, although this also varies from material to material, like a fabric and a non-fabric blind or that of a wooden or a plastic blind. Remember after dusting all you need to do is to wash the blind.
  • Cleaning a heavily dirty non-fabric blind: When you are having a non-fabric blind and it is very dirty then the cleaning can be done using a drop of dishwasher soap in a tub of water and then get the well-dusted blinds down from its place and soak that in warm water with the dishwasher solution mixed in it. After a while, just wash it with water and dry it well.
  • Cleaning a heavily dirty fabric blind: Dust discolours a fabric blind and therefore fabric blind cleaning regularly is very important. But if you have not yet started dusting it regularly then use a soft detergent to wash them. Wash off the detergent with lots of water and dry the blind under indirect sunlight.
For more details, you can search through the online portals, to get ideas about how to cleaning blind in efficient ways.

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