Techniques to Use in Blocked Drain Cleaning Service

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The recipe of baking soda and vinegar with boiling water is much popular and quite effective in unclogging drains, and suitable for minimal blockages. There are many such homemade ways to unclog drains, as drain blockage is a common household problem.  There is various tactics but all are not applicable to blockades.  Sometimes the block is by such object which will melt or shrink with hot water, and their boiling water works great. Sometimes the block may be at a shallow point near the drain mouth, where some tweaking with a large rod or stick may help. And sometimes it may be due to plant roots or solid chunks of waste which may need more pressure and application of advanced techniques for removal.

Now to understand what kind of block there is, you should start the simple techniques first. In case things don’t sort out, you should call a plumber. An experienced plumber would have all the necessary tools to understand the reason of blockage and would act according to it.
Blocked Drains Service
Blocked Drains Service

Using Natural Drain Cleaners

A natural technique which is quite effective and doesn’t push you to buy cleaners from a shop is here. You would need baking soda, vinegar and boiling water for this.

#1. First you pour down a cup of baking soda down the drain. The drain should be completely dry.
#2. Then pour down 2 cups of boiling water and wait for some time.
#3. Now add a cup of baking soda again followed by a cup of plain vinegar.
#4. You need the plug the drain or cover the drain mouth immediately.
#5. To know whether it’s working or not, listen carefully for any noise inside the drain. Bubbles and the sizzling sound indicate that the reaction is in progress.
#6. When the sound diminishes and bubbles go away, pour more boiling water in the Blocked drains to flush it.

You can do this as often as you want or just on a regular routine basis once a month.

Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

There are several factory made drain cleaners for DIY usage. Households use such cleaners to get rid of blocks. These contain harsh chemicals and acids to react with dirt and grease inside the drain and unblock the drain pipes. If you want to use such drain cleaners to check that the block goes with it or not then you may buy one from a local shop.

When You Have to Call the Plumber

If these natural or chemical methods do not work, then you will have to call a plumbing service. Plumbers with expertise will tell you instantly about the problem.  Normally, experts carry a pipe with camera, which they introduce inside the Blocked drains and pipes to detect. This gives them a clear view of what exactly the problem is, where the block is, and what caused it. Accordingly, a plumber plans a solution, and then operates. Experts also carry with them all the tools that are needed to complete the job in one go.  Therefore, when you call a plumber for a blocked drain, make sure that you get rid of the problem sooner.
Blocked Drains Clearing
Blocked Drains Clearing

How to Avoid a Drain Blockage

#1. If you are working to fix a problem in a sink or wash basin, consider using a plug hole filter. This will filter of larger chunks of wastes, and would let you throw them off separately.

#2. Watch what you are flushing in the drain. Most of the drain blocks happen due to carelessly use of the drains. When you throw away inappropriate or non-biodegradable large items, they surely can block the drains and cause a mess.
Being careful with these would help you keep the drains clean.

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