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Basic Information on Evaporative Cooling

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Evaporative coolers work out an ideal option for the hot summer months, especially in dry places. You can make a change to the ambience with the cool and subtle breeze these evaporative coolers offer if bought in the right manner. This means you need to consider specific factors before you opt for an evaporative cooler.
Evaporative Cooling
Some of the Evaporative Coolers are listed below with the required information.

#1. Window Units: These units are also termed as ‘through the wall’ units and are ideal either for a full home or probably even a single room or the garage.
#2.Side Discharge: These units are ideally placed in the side of a building and performance is similar to other evaporative coolers.
#3. Down Discharge: These coolers are installed on the top of a roof. And the flow of air is in the downward direction which helps to cool the whole home. You can also have side draft units in the whole evaporative cooling system and this is almost same to the cooling of your home by a window air conditioning system.
#4. Portable Evaporative Coolers: As the name suggests, these coolers can be moved from one room to another with ease. These are designed specifically to cool a small area or a single room. In short, 300 square feet is apt for cooling with these portable coolers.

The Operation of the Evaporative Cooler:

With the basic models of these coolers, you have an option of two speeds with one vent. Opting for the vent only option you find that the water pump does not work.

  • This stops the outside air from humidifying. In short, the cooler operates like a fan. This is ideal for weather conditions, which are on the cooler side.
  • The air movement can be controlled by adjusting the windows. Opening the vents on the side you can have a larger area cooled.
  • Open the windows in areas, which need cooling and close the other windows. This can lead to the cooler being more effective.

Different Pads in the Evaporative Coolers:

There are two pads used in evaporative coolers, the fiber pads and the rigid media pads.

#1. Fiber Pads tend to be expensive and also require more of maintenance. These are made of synthetic or cellulose fiber with a thickness of around 2 inches.

#2. Rigid Media Pads are made of corrugated sheets, which are stacked and work well for the single inlet evaporative cooling systems. However, the initial cost of these is quite a bit but there is less maintenance required.

However, when you compare the price of the evaporative coolers to that of the normal air conditioning systems, you will understand that a typical rooftop system costs more than $6000 while you can easily get an evaporative cooling system for $1500. These pads can be 10 to 12inches in thickness. These pads allow the air to pass through at a velocity, which is on the lower side and can keep the room cooler as compared to the fiber pads.

The function and the effectiveness of these evaporative coolers is totally dependent on how clean you can keep it and also store it in the right manner. The water curtains and the filters need to be cleaned at least once in a fortnight. This needs to be done with a detergent and warm water.  Wipe the outside of the cooler with a damp cloth. Once you feel you will not require the cooler for a long period of time you need to drain off the water, clean the filter and open the fan function for around 60 minutes. Since evaporative cooling is a process using green technology and it is completely environment-friendly, you can actually spend more initially but be assured about the restorative property of this cooling system.

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