Four Types of Air Conditioning Units Available In the Market

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Air conditioning is the scientific process of reducing the temperature of an enclosed room. Usually evaporation happens due to the absorption of air. Similarly, condensation causes the air to cool. This technique is used in air conditioners. You can install the ducted or the split system air conditioning system in your home, office or your warehouse, depending on the area that needs to be cooled.

This process was originally found out by Michael Faraday, who found out that evaporation of liquefied ammonia could make the room cool. But this process was not that successful because these primitive machines were big, very much noisy and released toxic gases like ammonia, propane etc. which were harmful to human health.
Air Conditioning Units

What are the different types of air conditioning machines available in the market?

1) Window AC: This type of AC is attached to the lower end of the window. It has all the necessary components such as compressor, condenser and evaporator in one single unit. Since this machine is small, installation becomes easier.

2) Split AC: There are two units for a split air conditioning unit. One unit is fitted inside the room, which occupies lesser space and the other unit is fitted outside the room. The unit which is fixed inside takes the warm air and the same is let out by the outdoor unit. Both the units are connected together by cables and outlet pipe. The outdoor unit has compressor in it. You can get different brands of this air conditioning system from the online stores also.

3) Tower AC: These ACs are very much similar to split ACs because they also have two units. But they have one difference that they need not be fitted to the walls. They are placed on the floors and cool a very wide area. SO they can be used when big rooms are to be made cool.

4) Cassette AC: They are attractive ACs in the shape of cassettes and they can complement any type of home or office décor.  Moreover, they need lesser space and cool a very large room. They don't have drain ducts or wiring and don't need any windows for their installation.
Among the four types of ACs, window ACs and Split ACs are commonly used by people in homes and offices.
Air Conditioning
Points to be kept in mind before selecting an air conditioning unit

  • The first and the foremost thing to be kept in mind is to buy an AC during the winter season. This is a wise idea because of the fact that these machines will be relatively cheaper during these months and you can make your best pick.
  • The next important thing to be considered is the type of AC, that is, a Split AC or window AC to be bought. If a window AC is bought, then make sure that the window is in the centre of the room. This helps the machine to make the whole room cool.
  • Measurements of the room should be taken properly to ensure that the correct size AC is bought depending upon the size of the room. The capacity and efficiency of the machines should also be taken into consideration.
  • If the machine has a remote control to be operated from a distance nothing like that. The people will like such machines because they will give double comfort. In addition to reducing the temperature they will help the people to operate them from a comfortable position as well.
Last but not the least it is always advisable to seek the opinion of the neighbors or colleagues before purchasing. Of late, there are lots of websites to help the people to select the best machine by giving a detailed account of the features and benefits of these ACs.

There are many factors to consider, before you buy an air-conditioning system. You can search from the online portals to get best ideas of air conditioning machines available in the market.

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