Leak Detection: Why Leaks Happens in Pipelines and Cables

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Pipelines and cables are used to transport oil, gas, water and other fluids to long distances. There are telecom and electric wires which carry data and electricity. So in order to transport them safely, these cables and pipelines are to be in a good condition. It is quite possible to happen that these may start to leak which might lead to wastage and even pose threat to lives in some cases. There are many leak detection services which are equipped with the latest methods and advanced tools, and you can contact them not just for detecting the leak, but also to find out ways for repairing the entire pipelines.

leak detection
Leak Detection
  • If there is prior information that an excavation is going to happen, it is advisable to call the authorities and intimate them that there are underground pipes which may get damaged because of the digging up which they are going to do.

  • Leak may also happen because of the improper maintenance due to rust in the construction joints, places where dampness is there or may be due to defects in the manufacture. The other reasons might be due to natural calamities or any hazard that can damage the quality and material of the pipes. If leak detection takes place earlier, then professionals can also suggest you ways to maintain your home drainage system.

How can leakage be tested with the help of hydraulic testing?

Usually hydraulic testing is done immediately after the erection of cables. They are constructed with an alarm which starts to give a warning signal immediately after it detects a leak. Since this alarm gives signals it reduces the time for frequent inspections and waste of money.
  • For locating leak in power cables and pressurized telecom cables, hydrogen leak detectors are used which sense the leak immediately even if there is only a minor leak. It will help to prevent major risk happening out of escape.

  • There are two ways to repair a leak. If the water pipe is buried underground in a house, it can be repaired by the occupant himself without spending a lot of money by calling a plumber. There are some tips one has to keep in mind before starting the repair work.

  • Before getting into it, one has to have a clear idea of the plumbing work done in order to find out whether there is any electric or data cable wire in the vicinity disturbing of which might prove fatal.
leak detection
Leak Detection

Removing the pipes and locating the main detection:

Then he has to turn off the main switch which supplies water. One might now progress to make a hole which would not only help to locate the leak, but also give space to stand. The final step is to remove the pipe and start to do the repair work. Another alternative may be to call the plumber who will repair the leak when there are signs of risk.

  • The leak in the cable data transmitters happens because of the reason that they are also using the same frequency to transmit the data.
  • In such cases cable tv operators can be contacted who will solve the problems. Most commonly the life risk due to the escape is less. The electrical wire leak may prove to be fatal.
  • So one has to locate and fix it at the earliest.  If the electrical wire is buried underground, then the electricians can come to rescue. They will use the best techniques and equipment’s to repair the same.

Do you want to know more techniques of leak detection? Go through link for best techniques about cables and pipelines leakage.

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