Synthetic grass: How To Install It In Easy Way

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Synthetic grass comes with myriad uses. You could use it as an aesthetic solution for your slippery decks, install it for dog runs, and even have them for wheelchair use. They are also a great way to beautify events without having to install something permanent. These types of grass are not just easy to install and maintain, but you can also cut these grasses and hire some professionals, to maintain a great landscape design with these artificial grass layers.

If you are planning to install a synthetic grass carpet in your home or office though, here are some tips to help you choose wisely.

Synthetic Grass
Synthetic Grass

How to select appropriate synthetic grass for making a grass carpet?

  • There are many types of synthetic grass varieties made up of rubber, plastic and different blends of materials in the market. Each one has their own size and shape specifically for particular purpose. Some are in the form of pads with brush like grass projections of about 3.5-4 cm.

  • They are used as door mats or carpet like borders. Some are made up of bushy soft grass which has slightly long leaves but very soft texture. These are made for providing comfort to the person using it. It is generally used in interior decorations of handles of sofa or decorative chairs.

How to fix synthetic grass sheets?

There are many adhesives available in the market to fix grass sheets. You can easily buy one of them and gently apply them at the bottom of every sheet.

  • After spreading adhesive material thoroughly on the surface, you can stick the sheet to the position where you need to place it. But before fixing it, you must be sure that the place where the grass is going to be fixed must be wiped thoroughly, to avoid dust particles.

  • Dust particles reduce the grip of adhesive material on the surface. If you install it outside, such as your backyard, you would need a membrane underneath it. Thus, first level the ground, and put a weed membrane over it. After that, simply roll out your synthetic grass sheet.

In order to give your artificial garden a more natural look, trim the sides of the sheet such that the grass is not in a straight line.

Synthetic grass
Synthetic Grass

Precautions while installing synthetic grass

Synthetic grass is the most delicate object; hence it is recommended to handle it with care. Any mishandling may damage its texture and appearance.

  • So, while cutting the synthetic grass pads with appropriate cutters, it is necessary to be very specific in cutting dimensions.

  • Any slight change in the angle of cutter may also spoil the entire work.

  • It is recommended that before cutting the sheet, one must draw a rough template of the cutting area on the bottom of the artificial grass sheet, and then cut it through the template drawn.

In the same way, one must be careful while applying the adhesive to the grass surface. The adhesive should not touch your barren hands. It may cause allergy or some other skin problems. It is suggested to use disposable gloves while working with adhesive materials. These adhesive materials are very sticky and dry fast. Hence, it is mandatory to stick the sheet to the surface as soon as the glue is applied. After sticking the grass, one should press the sheet slightly in order to apply slight force for fixing the adhesive to the surface.

However, too much force shouldn’t be applied, as it may damage the sheet, and the natural aesthetics of the artificial grass. As for maintaining the sheet, cleaning it with water at regular intervals should solve the purpose. Visit this link to know more about synthetic grass.

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