Top Reasons and Solutions of Sewer Blockage

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Irrespective of the location and size of the house you live in, paying attention to the many aspects of the house will always be important for you. Plumbing and electrical issues have to be paid regular attention, so that you do not face extreme problems later on. Even a small mistake will cast you a bigger amount on the sewer blockage cleaning and maintenance. It is important that you keep a track of everything, so that you can avoid blockage and clogged drains and sewer conditions. Sometimes you will not be able to do all of this yourself.

Therefore, it is important that you hire some professional who can help.
Sewer Blockage
Clearing Sewer Blockage

Ways to know if there is a block and their causes

There are many different ways by which you judge the need of sewer cleaning these days. Some of them are mentioned here and you can closely have a look at to know the actual problems.

  • The first is some type of unusual noise from the pipes. Be careful, because this may be an early sign of blockage or breakage of the pipes. Chances of this happening will be more if the fixture traps are not properly ventilated and are also not up to the plumbing standards.

  • Air trapped in the plumbing pipes should also be monitored. For this, you should pour some water in the sink near to the toilet first. If there are bubbles, then it is clear that there is some sewer blockage problem in there.
  • If water is flowing back up after flushing, there might be something jamming the toilet or the drain. This will happen especially when the water cannot move down even with the flushing pressure.

  • Bad odor is also one obvious indicator of sewer blockage.  As the water gets collected and stagnated it starts emitting foul smell. Ignorance towards this problem can cause overflowing of water as it might not pass through the drain.

  • Sometimes with the cracks in the pipes or then some dirt and filth, there might be small spaces where the water will get collected. This might be the reason of slow draining. If it is not taken care of at the right time it can be one big trouble.

  • Rust coming out of the pipes should also be checked once. This is because rusting is considered to be one major cause of sewer blockage.
Sewer Blockage
Clearing Sewer Blockage

Solutions for sewer blockage

There are also too many solutions which you can emphasize on when you start facing this problem of blockages. Some of these solutions are as follows.

Relining the pipes

You can reline the busted pipe or broken drainage.  Sometimes you may have to dig in to fill up the patches properly but many professional plumbers try doing it without any digging. It is here that an extra pipe is inserted in the existing pipe and then expanded to line up with the existing one.

Using steel rods and cutters

Further, to clear the sewer blockage, drainage steel rods or high revolving cutters can also be used. This helps in pushing or cutting the dirt, tree roots or any other blockage which is interrupting the flow of the pipe.

Installing backwater valve

If you want to get rid of these regular blockages, then backwater valve installation is also recommended. While doing this you should replace all the old pipes that you think are rusted and can burst at any time.

You should know that clearing sewer blockage will not be easy and will also cost you a big amount for sure. It is thus suggested that you plan sewer inceptions at least twice a year by hiring a professional. This can make things simple and also easier for you. Hiring a reliable and professional plumber is important because they not just know it all but also have the required tools at hand.

The Above mentioned all the reasons and solutions of sewer blockage will help you for clearing sewer blockage very easily by hiring professional plumber. Go through this link for more information about clearing sewer blockage.

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