How to Place Pads of Tens Machines to Make Them More Effective

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Muscle pull and strain and common occurrence not only for athletes but also for people who are doing exercises to stay fit. A large weight pull up would do more harm than good in the long run to the users. In order to get relief, people are increasingly using tens machines as they operate on the electrical nerve stimulation technology to deliver the desired results to the users. Below mentioned are some tips to help improve the effectiveness of the device and help you in relieving your discomfort.
Tens Machine Pads
Tens Machine Pads


Location of the pain on the body should be pinpointed and the pads need to be placed in the designated area to get the desired results. It is important to find the tender areas that are afflicted by the pain. Placing the pad in the appropriate location would go a long way in providing relief to the users. If the tens machines are not used at the desired location, it might not be of any use to the muscle pain.

Number of Pads:

You can use two or four pads simultaneously to obtain a maximum effect. Tens unit will help to provide relief to the people from the soreness from the sprains and strains. It is a quick noninvasive process that would go a long way in relaxing the muscles.


By changing the distance between the electro pads, it is possible to alter the voltage of the electric current and also change the sensation imparted to the muscles. If the pain is of higher intensity, the flow of current would be more to have the desired results. Pads can be placed in one of the three ways namely vertical, horizontal and angulated. In addition, they should never touch each other and need to be one inch apart.

Damp Cloth:

Pads need to be cleaned with a damp cloth and not with napkin or paper as they cannot remove the accumulated dust particles. Debris is eliminated over a period of time to provide effective treatment to the muscles. In addition, wash the affected area of the skin before using the Tens unit.

Users need to check the level of stickiness in the gel pad.  The pads must have good grip on the skin surface.  So, it is important to clean both the pads and the skin appropriately and use appropriate gel to achieve the desired result.

Handling the Electrodes:

One of the most important aspects of the machine is the electrode that has to be used in a proper manner. For instance, you should hydrate them more often, but you must not immerse the devices in water as it may lead to over saturation. Cleaning of pads can also be carried out with the help of the toothbrush, cleaning it by applying the brush in one direction.
Rotation of Electrodes
Rotation of Electrodes


Rotation of the electrodes can help avoid instances of oversaturation. They are removed after every 6 hours so that the water is absorbed by the dry air. The gel should be exposed to the dry environment to enhance the effectiveness of the pads. The absence of humidity and cooling are essential to eliminate excess water.


Electrodes are replaced when they do not stick to the skin. In other words, if the effectiveness decreases, it is better to exchange them with the new ones. To extend the longevity of the machine, use good quality tens machines pads available in the market. Cheaper versions will not provide perfect grip over the skin.

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