Mounting Split Air Conditioning Systems and Its Installation Method

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Spilt air-conditioning systems have changed the world enormously. This advancement in technology ensures that the room temperature of even the most interior corners can be controlled at the click of a button. The split air conditioning system contains outdoor and indoor units as its primary parts. The outdoor unit is supposed to be installed at roof tops or an elevated open place, whereas, an indoor unit is mounted on the inside walls of enclosed rooms. Both these units are connected to each other through copper pipes. Warm air is sucked out of the room and cold air is blown back into the room with the systematic coalition of the entire assembly. The split system installation could be tricky but very hassle free in practice and can be easily done in less than an hour of roughly speculated time period.
Split Air Conditioning Systems
Split Air Conditioning Installation

Installation Method of Split System

Though installation of the split system is not confusing at all, it needs clear insight about the entire process of installation. Most of the consumers therefore prefer to hire professional technicians for proper split system installation. However, any person comfortable in dealing with drilling and basic plumbing issues can easily accomplish the installation procedure on their own. All it takes are a few steps to obtain correct installation of split systems, which can be enumerated as:

  • Firstly, identify the unobstructed and even wall surface in the indoor room area, where the air-conditioning system is supposed to be installed.
  • Now simply mark the area to fix the base frame of the indoor unit. This base frame is mostly of aluminum and contains proper grooves to hold the indoor unit steadily, in hanging and fixed state to the wall.
  • Always keep a margin of, at least, six inches in between the upper end and rooftop so that it can suck and blow the air properly.
  • Once the area of the bracket is marked properly, drill appropriate size hole for the bracket and fix it by using screws supplied along with the air condition.
  • Now mark the place on the wall to drill for making the exit hole of the pipe line, attached with indoor unit and connected to the outdoor unit of the machine. The preferred distance and dimension of the hole will be prescribed by the company and will be specific to your model and will be described and company marked, either over the bracket or mentioned in the installation guide.
  • Always keep in mind that outdoor pipeline connection should be installed in such a way that the point of connection should be in under side so that the waste water element would not return back and block the entire conditioning system.
  • There are a couple of copper or aluminum pipes which are supposed to be connected with the outdoor assembly of the split system. Both pipes and their openings should be carefully fixed into the appropriate joint holes provided on the outdoor unit of the split system.
  • Once the entire installation is done, check for any possible gas leakage at the joints by using soap or foam based liquid.
  • Seal the hole made on the wall for passage of copper pipes using plaster of Paris or any other means, whichever is suitable.
  • Now, as entire split system installation seems to be accomplished, simply start the air conditioning system and check if it is working properly or not.
It is the user friendliness, its unobtrusiveness, and better performance of the split systems which has drawn people towards this alternate of air-conditioning systems.  The advantage of being able to encompass even the most interior parts of the structures makes split systems more attractive, especially in apartments and shopping complexes.

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