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Enjoy Additional Security with Security Screen Doors

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A security screen door is designed in such a way so that there is no hindrance to air flow from outside to within the home, while retaining the protection and safety of a conventional locked door. They look deceptively simple, but are robust and function. Even a simple screen door can prevent intruders from walking in easily while your main door is open, and it also keeps your home free from flies and annoying pests.

Some home owners may wish to get more security than a standard screen door can offer. This is where security screen doors come into the picture. They keep your home comfortably ventilated while keeping you safe as well. These doors come with high quality, intricate locking systems that are devoid of the traditional latch and a hook, to provide extra safety and security. These security screen door frames are usually made up of aluminum, steel, or a metal alloy. Each of these materials can be made strong enough to work as a security door. However, since aluminum and metal alloy frames are feebler than steel, they are usually made broader to increase the needed power.
Security Screen Doors

Choices of Security Screen Doors

These doors come with in different forms.
  • Complete view and half view hardened glass doors with retractable screens.
  • Complete view and half view hardened glass doors with half screens.
  • Complete view hardened glass doors with interchangeable screens.
Apart from this, you can also opt for a sliding security screen door, hinged security screen door or a sliding patio security screen. All these doors are available with or without screens.

When purchasing a security screen door there are numerous features of the door that need to be considered, including the materials the door frames are made of, the mesh type, the strength of the door frame, the number of hinges and the locking device used.
Screen Doors with Security

Things to Consider When Buying Security Screen Doors

When planning to buy security screen doors, a smart purchase will be well worth your time and money. Here are some things to consider when making your purchase so that you get good value for your money.
  • Always opt for a door frame that is made up of steel or aluminum. This is because both steel and aluminum are known for their strength and are less prone to corrosion.
  • Bars, grilles and motifs made from steel offer more protection than those made from other materials. In addition, stainless steel mesh guarantees protection and at the same time lets you enjoy a good view of the outdoors.
  • Stainless steel mesh is more expensive when compared to structural grade aluminum perforated sheets. However, aluminum perforated sheets offer the same safety as their stainless steel counterparts. So if you have a restricted budget, this is a good option for you.
  • Make sure that the grille has been fixed to the door frame properly.        
  • Refrain from choosing security screen doors that contain water locks. Instead, opt for five pin cylinder locks since they are more powerful.
  • Always purchase your security screen door from a reputed company, since they ensure that the product meets standard quality requirements, and rarely do they deliver products that are not quality tested.
  • Industry experts say that security doors must always be custom-made. This will ensure that it will meet the specific requirements of the property on which it is to be installed.
It is important to first consult with a security expert so that they can give you a comprehensive picture on what to consider when looking for a security screen door. These experts will also be able to guide you to the right manufacturer so that you get good quality products.

In summary, invest in a security screen door that passes through all standard checks so that it can offer maximum protection and security. Get assistance from the right professionals who will be able to guide you to get one that suits your requirements.

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