Get Comfort When You Use Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

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Talk about air conditioners and the general perception is that it cools your homes and offices. Talk all about reverse cycle air conditioners and you are likely to draw a blank stare.
Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning
Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

What Exactly Is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning?

Traditional air conditioning systems use a compressor and a refrigerant gas in a cycle of compression and expansion. Expansion of compressed gas through expansion coils causes a sudden drop in temperature. Fans blow across coils and deliver cool air to interiors. In reverse cycle air conditioning units, the process is reversed in the same equipment. The difference is that air blows over the coils where gas is compressed and heats up and the hot air is delivered to the interiors.

  • Suitability: Do not rush to install reverse cycle air conditioning based HVAC companies offer. It only works with certain limitation. The main one is that the lowest ambient temperature should not be less than 16 deg. C. For areas where there is snowfall and the weather is freezing, you may need to install additional heating units. It works the best for areas where winters are moderate.
  • Benefits: Even if winters are not too severe to warrant the installation of heaters you will find that reverse cycle air conditioning companies install will increase comfort levels. A higher than normal winter temperature and reduced humidity contributes to greater comfort level and also confers health benefits. Such units are recommended for people with respiratory ailments and allergies. The filters in the unit will remove pollen and bacteria. Even if you are located in a geographical area where the temperature falls considerably, there is the benefit of reduced humidity. Your additional heating unit will consume less energy to heat dry atmospheres. Further, a single reverse cycle unit can replace a traditional air conditioner and a furnace saving on installation cost as well as operating and maintenance costs.
  • Selecting the System: Reverse cycle air conditioning suppliers will be happy to assess your home’s requirement for cooling and warming. A well insulated and sealed house may get with a lower capacity unit that will consume less energy. This factor, size of house and rooms and the local climate conditions influence the choice of the reverse cycle unit. In any case, it is advisable to look at the latest systems that have inverter based technologies and remote control facility.  In simple terms, inverter technology means the compressor motor is driven by a variable speed controller to adjust the speed according to the load and the settings. Inverter systems allow for greater control than the normal switch on-switch off type of compressor because the motor adjusts speed to run slow or fast and maintains a steady, even temperature. Inverter drives also consume less energy. You have two solid reasons for inverter-based reverse cycle air-conditioning units. Whether you wish to use a window type reverse cycle air conditioning unit, a split unit or a central unit is up to you but it must be inverter technology based. Another thing to look for is an air purification filter. Some companies offer air purifying devices along with the filters to kill and filter bacteria and create a more hygienic environment.
Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning In Office
Not many people give much thought to the refrigerant and the pressure at which it is filled. You could inquire into this with your HVAC engineer and select a system that uses environment-friendly refrigerant.

A smart remote control has its own benefits. You and any family member can use a smartphone, to control the unit either through Wi-Fi or blue tooth and even do it remotely.

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