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Know All About Funeral Cremation Services

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If a loved one has passed on to a better world, his last journey should be a memorable one. He deserves as much. You owe it to him or her.

The best thing to do is to leave matters in the hands of a competent, licensed funeral director. He helps to take care of legal and procedural matters. He may recommend suitable cremation services. Unlike a burial which is final, cremation is not. You must decide what to do with the ashes and other services to consider.
Funeral Cremation Services

Funeral Services

A cremation may be considered the same as a burial when it comes to funeral memorial services. In the case of normal funerals or burials, a service precedes the burial ceremony. You can arrange for a funeral service prior to the cremation. There is nothing wrong in it. Perhaps you can think of a cremation first and then hold the memorial service later. If cost is a factor you can dispense with the pre-cremation rites similar to funeral services or the post cremation memorial. In any case consider the actual procedure of cremation.
  • Get in touch with funeral homes, obtain quotes, know the methods of cremation they employ and fix a time. You will be given a time slot. Clarify if they will allow witnessing service to permit you to remain present during the cremation process. 
  • Visit funeral home and discuss about funeral and cremation plan and pay fees if necessary.
  • Arrange a hearse for the body, notifications to be published in the newspaper and a death certificate from the funeral home. The funeral home may ask for a medical certificate if death is due to unnatural circumstances. Sign the authorization form for cremation.
  • Buy or rent a casket for the body.
  • Think of how you will dispose of the ashes. You can select an urn for storing the ashes and transporting it to the pre-arranged place for dispersal into the air, into a river, lake or sea or in a park or burial or by placing it in a columbarium or in a mausoleum, according to the deceased’s wishes. Each has its own associated cost and procedures that you should be aware of.
Funeral Cremation
If you pick the right professional cremation services they should be happy to handle all of the above on your behalf, leaving you free to handle more pressing matters.

Different States have different laws about the funeral services and cremation that you may not be aware of. Here, the cremation services provider is the best person to advise you about each aspect of the entire process.

The process of actual cremation decides the type of remains. If the body is incinerated at high temperature in an electric furnace, there are minimum ashes and bone material. The cremation services provider can arrange for some portion to be collected in an urn for later dispersal, burial or for placement in a crypt according to your or deceased wishes. If dispersal is the chosen method,  a suitable location may be arranged where such practices are allowed and will make the ceremony an appealing one for all family members who get to participate in the proceedings. If it is burial in a vault or internment with a headstone you can expect the cremation services to take care of it.

It is recommended that you engage a cremation services provider instead of trying to do it on your own. The last rites will be even more memorable, perhaps one the departed one will thank you for.

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