Bernafon Hearing Aids: All You Need To Know

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Bernafon Hearing Aids
Gone are the days when one had to hold the trumpet or ear horns to their ears and then wait for the melodious music to appear.  Modern advancements and research in audio technology have allowed manufactures of hearing aids to produce sophisticated and state of the art dependable devices to boost up hearing. Even the internal mechanism has undergone a profound change from analog to digital. All this has made it possible for them to aid in letting the deaf hear sound. Stiff competition among different companies has really spurred innovation and development in the field of hearing aids. Today, the devices are no more big and bulky but are easy to use and compact. The sizes of the device have reduced so much that it is impossible to notice that someone is wearing them.

Among the several manufacturers in the market today bernafon hearing aids are considered to be one of the notable ones. They have made a name for them as one of the best precision manufacturer in Switzerland for more than half a century and sell their devices in more than 70 countries in the world.

One of the first things to do before getting your hearing device is to get yourself checked by a certified audiologist. Next in the list is the selection of the model based on your preference. Bernafon hearing aids come in a variety of shapes such as discreet (CIC, micro CIC), behind the ear (BTE) and invisible (IIC). The hearing aid you select should be based on the model, which needs to be programmed or set to your personal requirements. This step is best left to the technician or the audiologist.

Sometimes the device needs to be checked periodically and the sound should be adjusted according to the changing requirements. Consult with your audiologist and make an informed choice best suited to your needs. However, the key to making sure that the devices give their top performance in any situation is to take proper care. 
Bernafon Hearing Aid

Here are a few ways, which would enable you to get the optimum performance from your bernafon hearing aids.

Keeping it Clean:

Maintaining proper hygiene is one of the most important rules to be followed while using a hearing aid. Use a dry cloth or tissue to regularly clean it. Also, keep in mind to remove earwax regularly as it may hamper the performance of the device.

Away from Liquids:

As a thumb rule one should avoid making the hearing aid wet. If it inadvertently gets wet during heavy rain or under the shower, make sure to remove the batteries and keep your hearing aids in a dry storage kit. (Pro tip: Keeping it in uncooked rice may hasten the drying process as the rice acts as an excellent desiccant) Never try to dry your bernafon hearing aid under a hair dryer or in the microwave!

Away from Chemicals:

Your normal aftershave lotion, hair oil, hair spray or even perfumes all contain chemicals, which might be harmful for your device. Try to put these products on without your hearing aid in place making sure to put the hearing aid back in position only after allowing the product to dry off completely. This will avoid unnecessary hassles.

Extreme Temperature:

Extreme heat is common enemy of all hearing aids. Avoid keeping your device in an environment of extreme temperature fluctuations. Many users have been found to keep their hearing aids in glove boxes in their cars, which can damage it because of sun.

Following these small tips will make sure that your bernafon hearing aids devices keeps running for a long time in the future.

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