Use Vaporooter Treatment To Get Rid Of Tree Roots In Sewer Pipes

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One big problem with big old houses is tree roots growing inside the sewer pipes. The sewer drainage is important for any homeowner as it allows the out flow of waste water from the house to the sewer system of your home. We aim at adapting many precautionary measures to ensure that nothing clogs the drain and no sewer pipes get blocked. Yet tree roots in sewer pipes can grow along and create a nasty blockage in the drainage system.
Tree Roots In Sewer Pipes
Tree Roots In Sewer Pipes
There are many ways by which one can remove tree roots from drain pipes including manual labour but it can be too much time consuming and tedious. Among a few ways that can save both time and labour investment in tree root cleaning from drainage pipes is Vaporooter treatment which is very widely adapted these days. This is a user friendly and safe method and does not harm the trees, it allows the trees to grow well but just cleans the tree roots in sewer pipes.

About Vaporooter treatment

Vaporooter is nothing but a foam based herbicide chemical that can be applied to the drain pipes and sewer pipes to eliminate all sorts of trees and tree roots growing inside them. As it is an herbicide, it kills the plant parts growing inside the pipe but does not destroy the entire tree. The chemical only kills parts of the tree roots in sewer pipes where the foam has been applied and not the entire root, hence the garden tree can keep growing well. After killing the root, the foam adheres to the pipe wall for a long period of time which means if new roots grow after certain point of time they get killed as well, and thus any further growth is stopped. The small dead and dried roots can be manually cleaned easily from the pipelines.
Tree Roots In Pipes
Tree Roots In Pipes

Professional help in cleaning blocked drains and applying Vaporooter treatment:

  • The experts use CCV like instruments to diagnose the blockage problem and also check if the tree roots have caused any damage to the pipes (like any kind of cracks, leakages, breaks, etc.) and can cure them instantly.
  • They use water jet to clean the inside of the pipe where water is released at a high force which then clears other blockages as well as the left overs.
  • After six weeks of such intense sewer pipe cleaning the professionals again come to apply vaporooter foam within the sewer pipes where the tree roots were growing, which will kill all old and new growth in sewer pipes. This tree roots in sewer pipes treatment stays at least for a year, which means Vaporooter foam remaining on pipe wall will prevent tree growth blockage for at least one complete year. 
  • Depending on the pipes and their functionality, you may or may not call for professional help after the completion of one year. This solely depends on you and your drainage conditions.
Whenever your drains start overflowing, you can suspect that your drain and drain pipes are blocked due to some reason. Now as you identify the cause of blockage as tree roots in sewer pipes you may want to try the Vaporooter treatment.

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