Top Reasons For Opting For Evaporative Coolers And Their Maintenance

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Evaporative cooler is a device that helps cool the surroundings with the help of the process of evaporation (as the name suggests). These are also known as desert coolers, swamp coolers or wet air coolers. This type of cooling is in no way comparable to the cooling done by air conditioners, which make use of absorption refrigeration cycles or vapor compression for cooling. A hot environment can be transformed into a cool one by evaporation of water in these units, making the surrounding temperature comfortable. These days, evaporative coolers are engineered in a specific way so as to help achieve maximum cooling by making use of minimum moisture. They need to be operated by keeping the windows partly open, hence allowing the warm air to escape. In general, evaporative coolers make it possible to breathe fresh air in comparison to air-conditioners that re-circulate the same air.
Evaporative Coolers

Here are some reasons why people choose these systems over air conditioners:

  • Good for the Environment
Cooling through the refrigerated process tends to dry the air as it removes moisture from the air. Besides this, certain chemicals are released during air   conditioning which can be harmful to the environment. Evaporative cooling as a process is natural since it enables cooling of air through evaporation of   water. This, in other words, means that there is no dryness in the air. It also prevents any problems to your skin or eyes as it does not expose you to any   allergens. This type of cooling is considered as ‘healthy cooling’ as you are being exposed to fresh air frequently. There is no re-circulation of air and hence you are not being exposed to any germs.
  • Easy on the pocket
Portable Evaporative Coolers do not require any sort of installation. In other words, you end up saving money. Besides this, these coolers can be shifted   from one room to another, making it convenient for you to have the desired room cooled. The cost of operating of these coolers is on the lower side as   compared to traditional air-conditioners which means you are saving on quite a bit. The initial cost of the equipment depends on the size and capacity of   the evaporative cooler. On an average, this is less as compared to the smallest of air-conditioners. Evaporative coolers are ozone friendly and hence are a big win for the environment.

Operation of Evaporative Coolers

You must choose best evaporative coolers by making sure that these have a minimum of two speeds and also an option of vent-only. The option of vent-only operates the cooler without the water pump and reduces humidity considerably. This enables the cooler to work as a fan during mild weather. Make sure you make the most of these coolers by researching about the extent to which you need to keep the windows open. Opening the windows too much tends to heat the room and the cooler is unable to do its job well. The humidity and temperature can be controlled by opening the windows according to your requirement.

Maintenance of Evaporative Cooling Systems

You need to be sure that you drain the water and clean the cooler on a regular basis. This can help save you from additional work and money. Removal of the sediments and minerals regularly adds to the efficiency of the cooler. You can think of getting these serviced by professionals at least once every year. If you tend to use these coolers on a daily basis, be sure to clean them often by checking out the filters, pads, reservoirs and pump. The pads need to be replaced every month during summer seasons in case you use these coolers every day. 

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