Physiotherapy Products Can Help You In Quick Recovery

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Physiotherapy is not only for those patients who are totally disabled and are bound to a wheel chair. These days, physiotherapy is used for many health purposes and having some of the physiotherapy products at home can save on the cost of visiting a physiotherapist for small injuries, aches and pains. There are many ailments, which besides being treated with medication can be cured with the help of physiotherapy. Pain related to most of the ailments can be reduced to a large extent and pain management is convenient. These products aid massage therapy, hot and cold therapy, stretching exercises, and a lot more.

Products for Physiotherapy

A patient might be advised an electric muscle simulator, cold pack, infrared heating pad or anything else depending on the injury and nature of the ailment. Let us look at some of these products and how they help out a patient.


This therapy includes different products that are able to treat pain and injuries by using electric simulation. These include the deep Brain stimulators which are used for neurological disorders, TENS Units and EMS Muscle Stimulators. This therapy is widely used by not only doctors but also trainers, athletes, coaches and therapists. The TENS Units and EMS Muscle Stimulators can be bought for use at home as you find these available in different styles, programmed effectively to guide the one using this. Before making use of these, it is advisable to consult a doctor who can guide you as the TENS and The EMS Muscle Stimulators need specific placement so that they do not cause any harm and work effectively.
Magnetic Therapy
Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy:

This therapy involves using products which, when applied to painful areas can relieve you of pain. Magnetic therapy products can be incorporated with ankle supports, braces and back braces besides mattress pads. Acupuncture treatment, at times, includes the use of this therapy. The magnetic fields on being placed on painful areas are not only able to bring down the pain but also cause the swelling to come down to a large extent. This therapy can be risk-free if applied in the right manner. Professionals like doctors and therapists can guide you during the initial stages.
Hot and Cold Therapy
Hot and Cold Therapy

Hot and cold Therapy:

This therapy is normally advised by doctors to lessen the swelling and the pain caused by injuries in the muscles. Once the swelling has halted, the hot and cold therapy is applied to help the flow of blood in that specific area. There are multiple products that can aid in this hot and cold therapy, like the Automatic Moist Heat Pack, that enables intense heat to be felt without adding any water. You can also opt for the Thermophore Heat Pad that is able to produce heat taking the moisture from the humidity present in the air. For the cool therapy, you can opt for Pillow Cool, which, when inserted directly under the feet, head or even the body does the work of a cool massage.
Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy:

As we all know this therapy has been used by our forefathers and has been extremely effective. You can think of getting this therapy in the comforts of your home with the products available for home massage. You can choose between the massage chairs, foot massagers and other products. Some of these massage therapy products have incorporated FIR or the infra-red heat therapy. These products have made it possible to get the required massage therapy whenever required.

With the different physiotherapy products available these days, all that is required is the right guidance and consultation by a certified physiotherapist. Post that, pain management and any other therapy can be done from the comfort of your home once you have opted for the required product. 

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