5 Questions to Ask Before Installing Ducted Air Conditioning System

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A ducted system is a system which is basically installed on the floors or on the ceilings. It is installed on the floor in colder regions where heating the room is necessary - because the heat rises. The installations have vents on the floors, so when heat rises; heat is distributed in the room. Thus this is a very smart solution in regions where is it cold, most of the year. While cold air descends, the ceiling has vents that condition the air inside the rooms.
Ducted Air Conditioning System
Ducted Air Conditioning System

How does the Ducted air conditioning system work?

Ducted air conditioning system usually has a unit outside and a unit indoors which is connected to ducts with vents which runs across the rooms or floors. Install one or more ducts in larger rooms so the conditioning of the room is quick. It eliminates the warm spots and you will see a saving in your energy bills.

What are the advantages of Ducted air conditioning system?

A ducted air conditioning system can be programmed to cool the temperature to a particular level at a certain time of the day or night. This smart programming allows you to have a reduced energy bills. It filters the air, thus removing he allergens from the air that would cause breath r lung related infections

What are the disadvantages of ducted air conditioning system?

If the Ducted air conditioning system is not regularly maintained or the air filter not cleaned, the air filtration process is not done well. This leads to infections. Kids and elderly people are infected quickly as their resistance levels are low as compared to a healthy adult.

What are the good to know points on Ducted air conditioning system?

  • Air filtration: We already learn about the air filtration use that we have from Ducted air conditioning system
  • Dehumidification: If it is summer or a warm day, the fan coil of the Ducted air conditioning system will remove moisture from the air being blown over the indoor fan coil. The water collected is drained outside.
  • Zoning your indoors: Like in a car, you can close open or direction the air to where you want. Similarly, Ducted air conditioning system has zone motors in the ducts. You can shut it off, open it completely or even partially - as simple as turning off a switch or turning it on.

What do you need to install Ducted air conditioning system?

All you need is a healthy electrical switchboard is all you need to install a ducted air conditioning system. Except for in older home where it may be a challenge, new homes can install the Ducted air conditioning system without any challenges. You will need to contact air conditioning installer if need to install the Ducted air conditioning system at your place.

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