Why Do You Install a Split Air Conditioner in Your Home?

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Now you can find all offices are fully air conditioned and most of the residents also install split air conditioner in their home. The reason is simple that you cannot stay without a proper cooling machine during the hottest summer, and when you install a split air conditioner in your room, it will remain cool and it can adjust the room temperature automatically. Along with that, you will find many designers split air conditioners which can match with your room decoration and you can also save your power consumption level through this air conditioner.
Split Air Conditioner
Split Air Conditioner

What are the significant features of a split air conditioner?

Window Air Conditioning System where the compressor condenser, etc is housed in a single unit, you will fin the split AC has two units: the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. The outdoor unit fitted outside the room. When you install this split air conditioner in your room, you need to check the compressor and filter of the machine also. 

While the indoor unit comprises of the cooling coil and a cooling fan, the outdoor unit has:
  • the compressor,
  • the condenser
  • And expansion home in it.
The indoor unit is usually wall mounted. The other types are:
  • Floor mounted
  • and ceiling mounted

What are the variable parts of the split air conditioner?

  • Cooling coil: This cooling coil is made of copper and has a number of turns of the copper tubing. It may have one or more rows depending on the capacity of your air condition system. The cooling coil is covered with the aluminum fins. It can help you to get maximum cool air and it transforms the outside air into cool air.
  • Air filter: It removes the dirt particles from inside of the room. Thus you get clean air inside your home. If you live in pollution prone area, it’s a good advice to check the air filter a replace it as and when he required.
  • Cooling fan or blower: the outdoor unit of the split air conditioner can be affected by rust and dirt. The cooling fan will remove this dirt and clean the indoor unit easily. So you will get clean and fresh air through the filter because the fan will remove the dust from the air easily. 
  • Drain pipe: Due to the above process water vapor present in the air gets condensed water droplets are formed on the surface of the cooling coil. This gets collected in a small place in the indoor unit. To remove this, a drain pipe is connected which disposes the water to the outside.
  • Fins: The fins distribute the cool air to the different parts of the room. You can control it to point in 1 direction of move it so it covers the entire room.

The latest units available are quite stylish and improve the ambience of the room: 

Technology has advanced in a way that earlier, you would have to fiddle with your remote/thermostat to set temperature and then it is suddenly very cold so you reach out to your remote to decrease the temperature. Nowadays, smart AC help you remain calm and just enjoy a conditioned room. These ACs have sensor technology and they detect the number of people, and increases the temperature if need be.

More and more people are opting to buy split air conditioner system. The leading companies provide excellent service and support. This maintenance of the AC can also be scheduled easily as HVAC experts from companies visit your place to maintain your AC regularly.

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