Important Tips to Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

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Air conditioning system needs regular maintenance and especially during summer, you need to be more cautious about your cooling system. When you purchase the air conditioning system, you can find some companies who offer you with free serving for the first year, and then afterwards you need to pay annual maintenance cost for the scheduled servicing system. Companies have their own team members for installation and maintenance purposes and they will come twice a year and inspect your air conditioning system thoroughly. But before that, on a regular basis, you have to maintain it and in this regards you can follow the given guidelines.
Air Conditioning Expert
Air Conditioning Expert

Tips to maintain the air conditioning system all throughout the year:

  • You need to change the air conditioning filter on every month. The filter will purify the air and supply fresh and clean air inside your rooms. It will prevent debris and dust from outside. So you have to clean or replace the filter. If you have a reusable filter, then you can also clean it and fix it again.
  • There are some duct vents in your air conditioning systems which need to be cleaned on a regular basis. You can clean it with a brush and do not use water here. For this task, you need to remove the cage and clean the fan blade with a soft brush. If you find much dirt in this vent, then you can use some cleaning solution.
  • You have to place your outdoor unit in a free place and do not install this unit in a clumsy area. Basically outdoor fans release the heat from inside, and you need to clean the surface and surrounding area. 
  • Apart from that, you need to check the electrical coils and copper body of the air conditioning system. This coil is not visible from outside and you need to remove the whole body of the air conditioning system and then you have to open the duct and you will find the coil.
  • Power fluctuation is one of the major causes of air flow blockage and you need to check your power supply unit. For the installation of an air conditioning system, you need to enhance your power load and then you have to install a stabilizer in your air conditioning system. This stabilizer can control the power fluctuation of the cooling system, and it will keep your air conditioner safe.
Air Conditioning System
Air Conditioning System

How to get your air conditioner ready for the next summer?

Air conditioning systems are installed with foam coated pipelines to prevent extra power consumption. If you find this foam frayed or partly missing, then replace the foam because it can increase your electricity bill. Apart from that, you can also try some normal ways to maintain your air conditioning. Firstly, you need keep dry your air conditioner then switch off the machine and also the thermostat and again do the same thing in the reverse way. It will keep your machine healthy and the electric connection will be checked by this way only.

But when you find some issues in your air conditioning system such as no cool air flow, or leakage on the body, then you need to call the professional air conditioning repair services immediately. They are trained in this field and they can fix your problem within few days only. To save long term costs, you need to maintain your air conditioner on a regular basis because, if you do not maintain it and if any major issues occur then you need to replace the whole air conditioner or invest a huge amount for the repairing purpose.

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