Effective Ways on Dealing with The Blocked Drains

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Almost every household would have experienced the blocked drains at least some point in their lives. You may also have experienced something in the shower while taking bath the water level rises and there is a puddle right away. However, the worst effect would be in the toilet when it does not flush properly. Besides being unhygienic this could also become an embarrassing situation in front of your guests and visitors. Below mentioned are some of the effective steps that you can take in order to resolve this situation.
Blocked Drain
  • There are lots of reasons why the drains block, and so the remedies for removing the blocked drainage also vary a lot. The things start to collect at one place and the other floating debris also gets attached to it, and then over a period of time there is a blockage there. So one of the most important things for you to identify the blockages is a flashlight with which you can see the area of blockage.
  • If you can clearly see the area of blockage, then you can use a wire bent towards the end and then try to remove the blockages. If you cannot see the blockages, then there are certain other tools that will help you to clear the blocked drains. Plumbers are familiar with such blockages and are definitely to be sought for such issues.
  • In order to clear a simple blocked drain, you can make use of the toilet plunger. However, you need to make sure that the rubber cup installed on the plunger is fully covering the tub, sink or the drain. Around the toilet plunger there should be plenty of water for the effective functioning of the plunger. You need to push the plumber down with vacuum created within the cup and the surface of the toilet, tub or sink. This creates a pressure loosening up the blockage. You can successfully clear the blockage with high pressure water force. However, if the blockage is caused by rust or other such things then this may not suffice.
  • Another effective tool for you is the plumbing snake in order to clear the blocked drains. This is a flexible wire that you can put down the drain and then depending upon the size of the tool you need to turn it by either by hand or a machine. However, you need to be careful because at times the plumbing snake has caused injury if not used in the right way.
  • Another effective tool that you can use if the kinetic water ram for blocked drains. Even if the block is at a bigger distance from your inspection point, it can unblock some drains in an effective manner. However, it can be effective when the drains are full of water when the ram is in use. It works by compressing air in a compressor and then releasing the air forcefully in order to loosen the obstruction. However, it is important to remember that you do not use a lot of pressure in removing the blockages or else the whole drainage system might have a problem and may need major repairs.
  • There are also chemicals available for the de-clogging of the drains. Although this is the easiest and most popular, you need to make sure that you are careful regarding their use because these are highly dangerous chemicals and can have an adverse effect on the environment and your skin as well.
The blocked drains can have serious health issues for you or your family and so you need to make sure that you keep an eye on it so that the blocked drains can be cleared much before it becomes serious in nature. You need to hire the professional services to clear blocked drain if you are not confident to handle the problem by yourself. 

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