Car Transmission Specialists Jobs – A Career Information

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A transmission specialist is a one who has adequate knowledge on transmission, is generally from the mechanical engineering field, or have majors in mechanics or power transmission. Though a regular every day worker might not be so well having the theoretical knowledge but the practical knowledge is the main one is when looking for a transmission specialist who can do all the works for you – especially when you need them for your car parts repairs.
Car Transmission Specialists
Car Transmission Specialists

Here are a few training and career information.

If you are interested in working on highly complex and computerized automotive transmission, then you will find the job interesting. You must be ready to:
  • Work overnights
  • Work over weekends
  • In work in cramped positions
  • If you are ready to go ahead despite knowing these challenges, then here are some basic requirements.

You must have

  • Minimum high school diploma
  • Associate degree certificate may be required in some institutions

Some key skills required here are:

  • Strong mathematical and analytical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Knowledge of hydraulic and computerized systems.
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Clean driving record
  • Pass background check and drug test

Gain experience

  • You must gain experience by working through a dealer or manufacturer.
  • This will come its way if you avail a sponsor degree program.
  • You have to look for apprentice or entry level training jobs
  • Job will start with easy cleaning and lubricating parts and then graduate to complex jobs.
  • You should now start building your tool sets.
  • This helps you work independently.
  • Latest salary recorded for 2015-2016 is about 40,000$ PA.

General information for transmission specialists and customers Transmission Rebuilding Costs

The main cost that is incurred during a typical every day transmission repairing and maintenance is the cost of the mechanics or the specialists who do the job, and their salary varies from place to place and from company to company. Your local shop will charge less for the service while factory outlets or authorized service centers will charge you more for the same service. Since in authorized service centers people are more qualified and well equipped to do the jobs and they are bound to only use original accessories. A transmission kit is not much costly, and so taking all these things into considerations, a transmission rebuilding will cost you around anywhere between two thousand to four thousand dollars, which if you are looking for normal servicing it will be around five hundred to one thousand five hundred dollars. A transmission is a very useful device that your auto mobile has, and if you have to replace the piece with a new one in worst cases then the price is very high mostly about three and half a thousand dollars, so if you think you do have to replace the gear box fully then be well prepared for it.
Transmission Specialists
Transmission Specialists 

How long does it take?

Most of the people want their cars to be repaired and in a working condition as soon as possible and so does the company. They do want to maximize their effort and provide you with the car as soon as possible so that they can take in more jobs and have some more profit on the whole from the business. Typically, in some very rare cases if the parts are readily available and there is very less work to be done, then it might take a couple of days for your car to be fully ready with your gear box replaced and working as new as ever. Generally, it takes about four to five days on an average for replacing and changing your transmission. To make the work simple the company might decide to remove the transmission part fully and then repaired and re installed in the car, which takes less time than repairing the transmission.

If your car is brand new and have a warranty, and within this period if you are looking to rebuild the transmission, then be well advised since the parts are under warranty it will take more time since it has now to go through this link for some other processing and formalities before which the transmission can be rebuilt.

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