How to Choose Best Automated Sliding Gate for Your Company?

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Automated gates are of great use both for commercial and industrial segments. This saves labor charges and are more safe and humane, than having a guard standing at the big steel gate pushing or pulling a gate open. In case if there is a human error then the security of the premises goes for a toss. Also it is quite inhuman to keep a person standing in adverse weather conditions. So if the gate is mechanically operated a smooth and reasonable solution is found. There are several forms of automated gates. One of the inexpensive and efficient ways is to have an automated sliding door. This provided security to the industry or the commercial property while also not complicating the process. The market has many companies who install such gates for companies and industries. Proper research need to be done to avoid any failures. We must also keep a note on the companies which provide after sales services and would be glad to come and repair if there is any fault in the mechanism even much after the installation is completed. Different weather conditions can create problem in the operation of the doors so care must be taken.
Automated Sliding Gate
Automated Sliding Gate

Description of Automated Sliding Gate

These gates have basically two components. Due to their functionality these gates are widely used in larger applications. They are real space savers since they do not swing open to the garage or the yard and hence they do not block the driveway. Also these are good support for safety.
  • Gate: The gate itself which can be made of chain link material or ornamental steel. These match the rest of the fence to give a look like an extension of the fence. It is placed adjacent to the fence.
  • Gate Operator: The mechanism which is used to open and close the gate is called the gate operator. In this case it is the machine which helps the gate to slide in and out and give access to pedestrians or commercial vehicle.

Various Types:

  • V-Track Type: A typical gate needs to be 3 inches wide. An electric gate operator is installed. The gate is fixed parallel to the fence and has rollers, which help it to slide in and out. These rollers are electrically operated and since the mechanism is fairly simple, this remains the most commonly used type.
  • Rear Pipe: Similar to the previous type this also has rollers which help the gate slide in and out but the tad bit difference is that there is a pipe installed for the rollers to move. This particular type should have one V-track wheel and one rubber wheel. The mechanism shall not be optimal if both of them are rubber wheels. The pipes are mounted on the fence panels and the wheels are made to run through them and the gates are supported by the fence. This is also a widely used option.
  • Cantilever Type: The previous types mentioned before are not optimal for a cold snowy weather or in a place where there is a chance of accumulation of lot of debris. Cantilever means something which is hanging over. So these do not require any wheels or rollers making it a best option for adverse climatic conditioned areas. These wider gates make more space for larger commercial and industrial vehicles. They hand on rails and takes support of the fence. The counterbalance mechanism is used to install these gates. This is a very reliable type for large application however the space availability beside the gate should not be very restricted.
While we keep an eye on the safety of our company we must not ignore that the gate is the most important factor and deserves special attention.

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