Holiday in Style! With Custom Caravans!

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Family vacations in a caravan as gaining popularity.  Everyone wants to escape from their busy, hectic lifestyle and take on a vacation at a distant calm place. Thus explains the increase in demand for off-road caravans. Break away from the monotonous, flight, car or train travel, and experience the brand new caravan vacation with your family. There are plenty of options available in caravan to suit the needs of various people. You can spend money to get a custom built caravan.
Custom Caravans
Custom Caravans

What is customization of a caravan?

Well, as in any other case where you get a custom cabinets made for your kitchen or custom blinds done for your windows, you can of course get you custom caravan made. Definitely this is a much bigger process. Here are some ideas.
  • Create a kitchenette
  • Collapsible beds
  • Recliners for comfort travelling
  • Laptop tables
  • Bathrooms
The list could go on. The more creative you get the more comfortable you can make your caravan for your vacation.

What is the process to get a customized caravan?

Needless to say caravan is a big vehicle. It is created in the factory. If you are looking at getting a custom made caravan, you should shortlist companies that provide such customization. An online research should help you to find custom caravans manufacturers around your place. After getting a few names, first and foremost, you will have to check reviews online. Read through the feedback and the star ratings. Cross out who haven’t been able to satisfy customers.

Now, with the shortlisted caravan manufacturers, you have, set up an appointment to discuss your project. Discuss with them what the various things you are looking at in your custom caravan in detail. Get quotes from each of them. Discuss support and servicing of the vehicles too. You will now have all the details plus your gut instinct post discussion with every manufacturer. This instinct along with the quote that you have will help you shortlist ne manufacturer.

You will need to sign agreement with the manufacturer on the details of your requirement, time schedule, payment terms, maintenance, warranties etc.

Step 1: This is the initial consultation plan. You will need to sit with the designer to describe in detail on what you want in the caravan. Now is the time to take feedback from them on what their thoughts are.  Do not be rigid on your thoughts as these guys are the expert and they know it well. Let them document it well and you should read through if what you expected to convey has been documented or not.

Step 2: Now is the phase for creating the plan. The design phase will start and a base floor plan will be chalked out. Ensure you are involved and included in all the steps here. You should get a detailed timeline on this project.

Step 3: The last step is for building the caravan. You must regularly visit the factory to see the development. This caravan must have superior strength and quality.

Within a few days, your sparkling new custom made caravan will be ready and you will be ready to enjoy your vacation in this new beauty.
Enjoying Holiday With Custom Caravans
Service and repair:

Whether you have a custom made caravan or not, it is important for yours to service it regularly, especially before you are off on the wheels for your next vacation.

You will have to service your caravan prior to you vacation.  You should ask for a pre-holiday service and inspection. Some other services and repairs include:

Brake check, wheel alignment
Chassis and spring repair
Ac installation
Gas repairs
Interior and exterior cleaning

So you are all set! Happy vacation then!

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