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Making A Choice Of The Different Bathroom Supplies

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Bathroom supplies are essentials for designing a new bathroom or renovating an old one and cannot be overlooked. There is a wide range of supplies available these days, some of which are branded. It is not essential to opt for brands if your budget does not permit. You can concentrate on the quality of these supplies keeping the ‘budget’ factor in mind. Aside from the big supplies like fixtures and plumbing material, you also need to focus on the smaller items required here, like a soap dish or a toilet paper holder. Careful consideration can give your bathroom a ‘luxurious’ look and feel.

Some of the Bathroom Fixtures which can be considered are listed below. Choosing the right ones will help to give the bathroom a new look-

Modern Bathroom Designs
Modern Bathroom Designs

1. Shower and Tubs:

Shower and Tubs
Shower and Tubs

There are multiple types of shower heads available these days and some of these are -

  • Hand Held Unit: This shower head offers a convenience not only for bathing but also for cleaning. This has multiple functions like a soft spray which is ideal for bathing your children or a strong spray which can be targeted for cleaning purposes.
  • Wall Mount Unit: This tends to be highly functional and is considered as the basic requirement.
  • Body Sprays: The slide bars are installed near the shower head with the suction cups without causing any harm to the tiles in your bathroom. Slide bars which are drill-less with the body sprays being flush mount are a suitable option.
  • Rain Shower head: This unit is apt for a water fall experience with total coverage.

2. Sinks:

Sinks work as a focal point in a bathroom. The sink designed like a vessel work ideally for powder rooms, while the under mounted and deep one is more functional for the master bathroom. In case you are looking to save on space, you can opt for the pedestal styled sinks. There is a choice of the bowls in these, oval, rectangular or even oblong. There are multiple options in the materials for these sinks, besides the vitreous, you can even think of the glass ones, which can be installed with a glass top integrated or under mounted. This depends on your preference.


3. Faucets:

The faucets available these days are not only functional but can also help in the conservation of water. You have these faucets available with ceramic disks which are integrated so that they grind away the build-up which leads to leakage. These tend to be durable and need less of maintenance. You have a choice of either mounting these on the wall, integrated or even fastened on a specific lavatory deck.

4. Toilets:


Opting for a taller toilet as compared to the normal ones of a 15-inch height tend to be more comfortable. The same applies to commodes as they can easily be accessed by those who are facing health problems and are confined to a wheel chair. These are available in a wide range of prices, colors and styles. Opting for the right one is important.

A little research on the different bathroom supplies can help you to make the right choice. You can opt to do so online as there are multiple online stores offering the different bathroom fixtures. You can also think of taking the required help from a designer if you face any confusion. All you need to do is make sure of your budget and inform the designer what you are looking for.

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