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Understand The Different Types of Headstones and Their Installation Techniques

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Choosing the right headstone for a loved one might be the most difficult tasks you have faced in an entire life time. At that time, this can be emotionally exhausting and lead to a lot of confusion. At the same time, you need to remember that this might be able to provide you the comfort that you have made the right choice of the headstone for the loved one who has passed away. You find most families make this decision working on a common ground as this can lead to healing easily. If you want to buy cheap headstones, then you must concentrate on buying cheap materials like quartz, cheap granite stones in different varieties or else, if you want a less intricate work and fewer prices for your headstones, then you can try out different varieties of sandstone.

Cemetery Headstones
Cemetery Headstones

Regulations of The Cemetery

Different cemeteries have different set of regulations for the headstones placed on their grounds. These rules and regulations give you the information on the requirements of a headstone.

  • They specify on the material used, the size and also the type of headstone which is allowed in that cemetery. It is possible that if a headstone is not up to the requirements of a cemetery they can also refuse it.
  • A headstone is the final detail of letting your loved one rest in peace. It works out as a ‘closure’ for most of us. But this too needs to be done in accordance to the rules and regulations.
  • Besides this, religion plays an important role in deciding when to place the specific headstone for a loved one. There are few customs where they have an ‘unveiling’ of a headstone.

Different Types of Headstones

Before deciding on a specific head stone you need to be sure of what type of image or text is going to be put as each letter makes a difference to the size and style of the headstone.

  • Flat Headstones: Flat head stones are made from bronze or granite. These can be either raised to have some slant at the back or flushed with the ground. These are available in different colors, sizes and finishes similar to traditional headstones.
  • Upright Headstones: The material used for making these is limestone, marble or granite and with the help of a base of concrete are fixed to the ground. Their height is up to 45 inches, with the depth being 6 inches and the width being 30 inches.  You can also try out the cremation memorials, which are the containers are made of granite which is hollowed. These are separate to the headstones.
  • Kerbed Headstones: Kerbed Headstones are the headstones of a full length lying flat on the ground. These tend to be 4 inches in thickness and can provide more space for expression which is personal. These ledger markers can also be combined with bevel and slant markers besides the head stones.

Finally, it is important to decide the price of the headstone, before you place a final order for these. There are no fixed prices for headstones as this depends totally on your requirement and preference. The price depends on the material, type, plaques, accessories and more. There are times you need to be practical however difficult this might be at such time. It is advisable to go about this in a sensible manner and approach more than one monument suppliers before you opt for a specific one.  Do not pressurize yourself to place the head stone immediately.

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