Air Conditioners – How does it Work?

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Air conditioners are no more considered as luxury items, but have become an essential item in every house, considering the scorching heat experienced now days. The air conditioner helps to keep the area cool and also removes the humidity. Some of the important factors related to air conditioners are given below:

How it Work?

The main purpose of air conditioners is to remove the heat present in the air in a confined space by withdrawing heat from the air and cooling the air by passing the air to move through a set of pipes which are cold that are commonly called as evaporator coil. Refrigerant is the liquid that is present in the evaporator coil that performs the job of converting the heat absorbed from the air into a gaseous state, which is sent to another coil called as condenser, which does the job of converting the gas back to the liquid state and left outside of the room thereby helps in regulating the temperature inside the room. The compressor present in the air conditioner performs the job of pump by pushing the refrigerant liquid between the evaporator and condenser coil by regulating the required pressure.
Air Conditioner Expert
Air Conditioner Expert

The Filters in Air Conditioners:

The filters are the important elements of air conditioners. The air entering the air conditioning system has lots of chance to be polluted with various types of dust particles from outside environment. The air, if left unfiltered, has the capacity to get deposited in the air conditioner and interfere in the functioning of the system. Hence it is very important to filter the air to remove the dust particles before passing them through the evaporator coil. These dust particles get accumulated in the air conditioner and if left unattended these particles will disrupt the air flow in the system. Hence it is important to clean the filters periodically, failing which the performance of the air conditioning system will get affected adversely.

Cleaning the filter for removing the dust particles would be good to the air conditioning system in terms of air flow but it can further cause the problem of these particles setting in the evaporator coil which will result in the damage of the system. Replacing the filter would be the preferred option in this case, in order to continue with the optimum performance of the system.

Issue with Duct Leakage:

One important problem that the air conditioners face is with the duct leakage, which affects the performance of the system greatly. The duct leakage will lead to wastage of the energy efficiency of the system which thereby results in inability to produce the required amount of cold air. This problem can be prevented by providing sufficient insulation for the duct while installing them in the outer compartments of the air conditioning system.
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Increasing the Energy Efficiency of the Air Conditioner:

There are lots of things that should be properly followed during the installation and maintenance phase of the air conditioners, which has a direct role in increasing the energy efficiency of the air conditioning system.  The following list shows some such measures to be taken for an air conditioner to perform in an optimal way.
  • Replacing the dirty filters regularly to remove the accumulated dust particles and thereby increasing the air flow in the system for better efficiency.
  • Sealing leaky ducts
  • Cleaning the evaporator coils and condenser coils whose performance is critical in the functioning of the air conditioning system.
Providing proper ventilation, especially to the outdoor coils which prevents the blockage of air, which helps preventing the clogging that usually happens with the hidden outer units.

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